Will this be the season you IPPON enough to be a Hero, or survive long enough to be a ninja villain?

The 15th Ninjala Dev Diary is here and we’re calling all ninjas to suit up for Season 6 as we embark on a new adventure! Pack your bags, we’re heading off to a new stage, but it could be dangerous out there, so please take these two new Gum Weapons and Shinobi Cards! We not only have information on all that is new, but we have info on what we’re doing to celebrate Ninjala’s first anniversary. Spoilers: it’s going to be huge and spectacular!

The theme for Season 6 is superheroes… or villains if that is your thing! With all new super suits to choose from, we’d suggest you decide on your signature look quickly and pack your bags (and some sunscreen) because we’re heading to the new stage Sphinx Valley! This new stage has us on a tour of the desert and a Ninjala-inspired pyramid. There’s so much to explore, including a new type of drone?! Get powered up with the all new Extreme Motor and DJ Scratch, the two new yo-yo type gum weapons, to help you take down this new foe. In addition to the new weapons, we have a new shinobi card called “Last Spurt”, which will be handy for anyone looking to get in some last minute IPPONs! Check out the video for more details, we can’t give everything away here after all.

Are you still stuck on the whole “I need to have a signature Hero/Villain” look? Introducing the Shinobi Shop: your new one-stop shop for your aesthetic needs! We’ve combined the Specialty Shop and Special Collections into the Shinobi Shop to help condense menus and provide an easier shopping experience for our ninjas. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! We’re also giving you more power in customizing your in-game avatar with Body Paint. Ever wanted to let everyone know you’re feeling blue? Well now you can!

Ninjala’s anniversary is coming up and we want to throw a huge matsuri to celebrate! We’re introducing the new Ninjala Pass mini, we’re giving away Jala, heck, we’re throwing the Story Modes back on sale to celebrate! Check out the video for more info on what we’re doing to celebrate and all the new things we’re adding. 

Whew, that’s a lot, but we barely even chipped the tip of the iceberg (or pyramid?) of this Dev Diary.

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