Puzzle & Dragons GOLD

Thrilling Puzzle & Dragons Battles

Puzzle & Dragons GOLD is a competitive puzzle action game featuring classic Puzzle & Dragons game play. Line up three or more Orbs of the same color and your monsters will attack your opponent's team. Use your monster's skills to boost your attacks and defensive strength! Form your own unique team and defeat your rivals!

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Learn the ropes at the Puzzle & Dragons Academy

New to Puzzle & Dragons? The Puzzle & Dragons Academy will teach you as you play! This training mode has lessons ideal for both beginners and those looking to step up their game.

Face off against rivals in the Story Mode

The Puzzle & Dragons Champion Cup is the gateway to the glamorous world of professional gaming. Puzzle & Dragons GOLD focuses on Taiga Akashi, a boy who dreams of becoming the world's top takoyaki chef, and Ryuji, a boy living in the shadow of his pro gamer brother. As aspiring tournament champions, both of these boys will encounter formidable rivals who have mastered a variety of battle tactics. Who will rise and who will fall?!

Unique Monsters

Some monsters are expert attackers, while others boast strong defenses. Other monsters possess skills that can completely change the flow of battle. Choose the monsters that best suit YOUR preferred strategy. The possibilities are endless! 

Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Which play modes work with this game?

    Puzzle & Dragons GOLD is exclusively intended for play in Handheld Mode. It is not compatible with the TV or Tabletop Modes.
    *For more information about play modes, see here.

    Where can I get free orbs?

    We give out free orbs periodically HERE!

    Before Playing

    Can I play for free?

    There are no charges beyond the game software's purchase price.
    This game is also suitable for play by children.
    *Any network charges for online play will be borne by the customer.

    Can I play with a second Nintendo Switch™?

    One software purchase is required per Nintendo Switch™ console.
    If you own multiple Nintendo Switch™ consoles, the game will be playable with the primary console registered with your Nintendo Account.
    *See here for more information regarding primary consoles.

    Does this game connect to other installments in the Puzzle & Dragons series?

    This software does not link or connect to other Puzzle & Dragons games.

    Regarding Save Data

    Where is the save data stored?

    Save data is stored on the Nintendo Switch™ console.

    How many save data slots are there?

    There is one save data slot per Nintendo Switch™ user.

    My save data has been erased. Is it possible to restore it?

    The game is compatible with the Nintendo Switch Online service's Save Data Cloud Backup feature. Save data that has been backed up may be downloaded to the console.
    Please note that in-game items obtained from present codes, etc., subsequently to the most recent saved data backup will be lost.

    Regarding Online Battles

    I'm unable to play Online Battles

    Online Battles require a Nintendo Switch Online membership, which is a subscription service managed by Nintendo. See the Nintendo Switch Online homepage for more information.

    My Internet connection was interrupted during an Online Battle. Who will win?

    In Online Battles, the player with the disconnected Nintendo Switch™ console is judged the loser.
    *For best results, we recommend playing with a stable network connection.

    E-mail Inquiries

    If you're having trouble or need help

     Contact Us

    *Depending on the content of the inquiry (e.g., regarding game strategy or specifications), we may be unable to respond.
    *Please allow time for the customer service team to investigate and respond to inquiries.
    *Depending on the content of your inquiry, we may refer you to the official website, etc.

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