The young mercenary Ryudo works as a “Geohound”, who hunts monsters in exchange of rewards. Hired by the holy Church of Granas, Ryudo must protect the songstress Elena as she performs a ceremony to protect the world from evil. In an epic adventure filled with magic, new friendships, and surprising storyline twists, just where will this adventure lead as Ryudo and his party searches for a weapon once wielded by a deity? 

The second title in the GRANDIA series, experience a new story, new characters, and an improved battle system that will lead player’s to great adventures in this classic RPG.

With music from Noriyuki Iwadare, GRANDIA II has received the IGN Editor’s Choice Award and EGM Gold Award.

© 1997,1999, 2000 GAME ARTS © GAME ARTS/SQUARE ENIX 2002. © 2015,2019 GAME ARTS/SQUARE ENIX/GungHo Online Entertainment America Character design/Youshi Kanoe

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of game is GRANDIA II HD Remaster?

    GRANDIA II is a single-player RPG adventure where players guide the Geohound Ryudo as he protects the songstress Elena on their journey to stop a great evil from rising once again. Combining real-time and turn-based combat, players can use both physical and magic-based attacks that employ wind, fire, earth, and air to take down enemies. Gaining different party members along the way, you level up your characters' moves and collect Mana Eggs to gain special abilities that combine the elements and take down bosses.  

    What systems is GRANDIA HD II Remaster available for?

    GRANDIA II HD Remaster is available as a single title on Steam for PC and as part of the GRANDIA HD Collection on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

    How much is GRANDIA II HD Remaster?

    GRANDIA II HD Remaster is 19.99 USD on Steam and 39.99 USD as part of the GRANDIA HD Collection on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

    What languages is GRANDIA II HD Remaster available in?

    GRANDIA II HD Remaster has full English and Japanese language support. English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (simplified and traditional) translations are also available. 

    Will there be any future updates?

    The most recent update is version 1.01.00. Any future updates will be announced on our Steam and eShop pages.

    I am having issues with my game. Who can I contact?

    All issues can be sent to our Support Department.

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