Physical editions to be released via Limited Run Games.

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. – March 12, 2024 – GungHo Online Entertainment America (GOEA) today announced that the GRANDIA HD Collection, the remaster of the classic role-playing series, will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 26, 2024. Additionally, GOEA has partnered with Limited Run Games to release physical editions of the collection. Fans can preorder Limited Run Games’ physical edition of the GRANDIA HD Collection starting March 15, 2024. 

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of GRANDIA HD Collection will be compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, respectively. 

Check out the GRANDIA HD Collection trailer here. 

The GRANDIA HD Collection features two genre-defining role-playing games: GRANDIA and GRANDIA II. These games send players on epic adventures with protagonists Justin and Ryudo, respectively, to explore the worlds of GRANDIA and protect them from the forces of evil. 

  • Two Nostalgic Stories: Fans can follow both iconic journeys in the world of GRANDIA with various upgrades once more. Discover what lies beyond the End of the World with the young adventurer Justin in GRANDIA and, eons later, protect the world from eternal darkness with mercenary Ryudo in GRANDIA II. 
  • Modernized Visuals: This version of GRANDIA and GRANDIA II includes enhanced UI, sprites, and texture art that brings the iconic look of the retro classics to contemporary standards, including widescreen support and visually enhanced original cinematics. 
  • Classic Old-School Combat: The GRANDIA series features classic RPG combat, with physical attacks and elemental spells in a battle system that combines real-time and turn-based mechanics. The addition of Hard Mode gives players a memorable challenge as they explore the world of GRANDIA II. 
  • Language Support: The GRANDIA HD Collection includes Japanese and English audio options, as well as language support for English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (simplified and traditional). 

Assets for GRANDIA HD Collection and more are available here. 


Originally designed and created by developer GAME ARTS, creators of such classics as the Lunar series, GRANDIA has been a beloved fantasy franchise since the series' initial RPG title debuted on the SEGA Saturn in 1997 and PlayStation® in 1999. The game follows a young hero named Justin and his allies as they battle the sinister Garlyle Forces to uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization. GRANDIA has earned several awards, including the GameSpot Editor’s Choice, IGN Editor’s Choice Award, and the Award for Excellence from CESA AWARDS ’97, now known as the “Japan Game Awards.” Experience the legacy with GRANDIA HD Collection on Nintendo Switch™ and GRANDIA HD Remaster on Steam. For more information, visit the official website: 

Following the success of GRANDIA, GAME ARTS developed GRANDIA II to build on the original game’s strength with an innovative battle system and enhanced 3D visuals. The game follows Ryudo, a mercenary entrusted with the protection of the acolyte Elena. As the duo embark on their journey, the world around them takes a mysterious turn, setting them on an unforgettable adventure. Originally launched for the Dreamcast in 2000 and PlayStation®2 in 2002, GRANDIA II received critical acclaim and multiple awards, including IGN Editor’s Choice and EGM’s Gold award. Relive the magic with GRANDIA II HD Remaster on Steam and Switch. For more information, visit the official website: 

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