We're highlighting the most DELICIOUS moments of the MMM for your enjoyment!

We may have come up with the Massive May Melee concept, but the participants BROUGHT the Melee Massively this May! Ok, we hope you’re not tired of that coming up as a joke, but we could not have had a better event without everyone’s hard work. If you don’t have enough time to watch the full four-and-a-half-hour VOD,  we’ve compiled some of the best moments of the MMM for you to enjoy!

This edition features gnarly Ninjutsu parries to other Ninjutsus, impeccable IPPONs, and many moments of melee action! In case you missed it, we gave the IPPON master an additional 1000 points, which everyone hungrily aimed for, or we assumed because of how action packed this tournament was. We may have missed some other amazing moments, so make sure to clip them if you see it in the VOD so that everyone else can see! 

Thank you to all the amazing community members who got to participate in the Massive May Melee! Check them out on their Twitters:

 Ħ Jon2 - @1crash94

Son★Mario - @SSJ64Mario 

PKoolAid - @Refined_Enemy 

》ZackTO《 - @_xnum404x_ 

Mordi - @Mordi334

Ferny - @ferniiku

TK°Avi - @TeamKoral_Avi

HawkeBM - @FK_Central

ÐXAstotopo - @astotopo

PMFuegoF - @Fuegofire5

SA Kam  - @Kaaaammmmmm

LazytoonX - @Lazytoonx

Desert - @DesertCoyote28

[GCN] Λβ Jp - @Ariel_Jp16

Chao - @E__Chao

GloveDFM - @GlovesDFM

Asbiel - @Asbiel__

Cal3b! - @calebcoolguy5

BUFF KIRBY - @Cool_blueblur

Daniel D - @MuerteVerde27

Cosmik - @CosmikTR

[Xx] ϻaττ  - @SupremeRaijin

★GB★Itsuki - @kamui_itsuki

ÐxJuanin - @jojipi

ĐΞΑΤΗツ - @DeathKun_

Starling - @QualityStarling

Atomik - @atomikbuster

ジャイロ  - @CorocoroJiro

Ness - @ness26k

Bons~ - @bonzymew

MushroomTB - @mushroomman733

64Star - @Super64Star

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