It was our GOOOOAAALLL to show off the best highlights from Ninjala Striker from you, the community!

The latest addition to the Ninjala Featured Battles, Ninjala Striker, made its debut this past month. This team battle mode pits ninjas in an unconventional kind of battle, one that involves a gigantic ball and two goals, but still a great way to practice and utilize those ninja skills! While this kind of “battle” has different names around the world, here, we call it Ninjala Striker. Naturally, we asked you, the community, to show us your best IPPON, goals, dance moves, and more, to highlight the fun you all had!

This edition of Ninjala Community Highlights features amazing Froggy Blocks on Froggy Blocks, we had never seen so many, honestly we might croak! Some of you have reflexes faster than we can say IPPON, which we chose as some of our favorite highlights. There’s so many great moments, you just have to watch the whole video to feel the same excitement we have!

Thank you to all the members of the community who participated and submitted a clip! Special thanks to the following community members whose clips striked excitement and hit the goals of our hearts. Make sure to check out their Twitters.


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