Developer Diary Details All The Excitement of Our New Metaverse Mode and More

Volta-X shot onto the scene last summer, bringing big battling robot action to the Nintendo Switch and Steam in stylish fashion. Over the course of the last year, we’ve added loads of new weapons, costumes, and characters (Hello, Yooka-Laylee) to Volta-X’s core experience, along with balancing adjustments and general quality of life improvements. Now, however, we’re unleashing our most ambitious and awesome update yet --- the Metaverse Update.

With this update, we’re not only adding even more new weapons and more new Voltas, we’re also including an offline mode called Metaverse Mode. Now this won’t just be any ordinary offline mode. No, sir. Metaverse Mode changes up the world of Volta-X by incorporating a roguelike format, tasking you with trying to save the world in as few chances as possible. Lose out in any attempt, and you’ll be back to the start, but you won’t have your progress completely wiped. You’ll have plenty of tools and elements from your previous attempts to carry over, and hopefully help you make it all the way through to the devilish new boss Volta waiting for you somewhere in the Metaverse.

But don’t take my word for it, take it from two of Volta-X’s own developers, Ryan Thompson and Angel Aquas. They’re the ones that took some time from their very busy schedules working on this jam-packed new update to dish on everything new and exciting that awaits. So go on and watch this sweet new developer diary to gain all the insights into Volta-X’s Metaverse Update, and then jump into the game to explore the Metaverse yourself when the free update drops the afternoon of June 15 PDT!

Oh, and did we mention that Volta-X will be part of the Nintendo America Digital Deals Sale from June 15 through June 21, and the Nintendo Europe Summer 2021 Sale from June 15 through June 27? No? Well we just did. And you can experience all the big robot battling you can handle at 50% off! So what are you waiting for? Go on and get to it!