We're back with another Official Ninjala Tournament: The Massive May Melee!

You read that title right, the second Official North American Ninjala Tournament is coming up and registration begins tomorrow, 4/27 at 7PM PT. We’re calling it the Massive May Melee, MMM for short! If you missed out on the first one and you’re an Elite Ninja or higher from the US, Mexico, or Canada, this is your chance to participate! 

Registration is FREE and is open from 4/27 to 5/9. The tournament take place on 5/15 and will be in Battle Royale. Just like last time, 32 participants will be selected via lottery. Early rounds will have two battles each, with the four highest point totals moving on to the next round. The final round will have three battles instead, but use the same scoring format.

Oh, and this time we’re awarding an extra 1000 point bonus for the IPPON Master award winner (or winners) in every round. We aren’t calling this a melee for nothing.

But PlayNinjala, what will the prizes be this time?

Funny of you to theoretically ask, because we’re changing the prize pool up a bit! Top 4 will be receiving the cash prizes as illustrated below, as well as a Special IPPON Decoration (in-game item that will be delivered to your mailbox at a later date). That’s a spicy prize, but don’t worry, if you place 5th-8th, you will receive TWO packs of the Ninjala Collection Card Vol. 1+! 


  • 1st $500 Gift Card
  • 2nd $300 Gift Card
  • 3rd $150 Gift Card
  •  4th $50 Gift Card
  •  1-4th: Special IPPON Decoration (In-Game Item)
  •   5-8th: 2 packs of Ninjala Collection Card Vol. 1+   

Awesome! What about Eligibility Requirements?

Okay, we know no one would specifically say that, but there will be some eligibility requirements to participate in the MMM! As this is a North American Tournament, only residents of the US, Mexico, or Canada can participate. (Sorry EU, we will try to work on something for you in the future!) This time around, we’re looking for Ninjas 14 and up, everyone under 18 must have parental permission to participate! If you’re selected, you must be able to use Discord and are willing to appear on the official broadcast or official images. You can check out the detailed rules and regulations on the official site

TL;DR Eligibility Requirements:

  • Can use Discord
  • Willing to appear on broadcast/official images
  • Ninja Rank “Elite Ninja” or above in Battle Royale
  • Minors must obtain permission from a parent or guardian to participate (yes, there’s a form to fill out this time!)
  • Must be 14 years old minimum to enter
  •  Living in USA, Mexico, or Canada

If you think you have what it takes to become the MMM Champion, register after reading the rules on the official site: www.ninjalathegame.com/en/news/info/mmmwebsite.html

We know everyone was so excited for the first tournament, so we hope the energy will continue for this tournament! Don’t forget to follow Ninjala’s official social media accounts to get all the latest information on the MMM and Ninjala news.

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