Become one with the pack and join us for another round of Card Reveals!

The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni (TOA) has just been announced as the new Expansion coming to TEPPEN! Introducing Amaterasu as the new Hero along with 2 brand new IPs, and the ability , TOA is sure to bring some more doggone fun! In celebration of the new Expansion, we will be revealing, with the help of our pack o’ partners at Team TEPPEN, some new Cards! Check out what we’ve revealed so far:

Toyotomi Hideyoshi
<Rush> <Crush>
<Ascended>: Gain +1/+2 and <Spillover> (effective for 1 attack).

Princess Fuse
Tribe: Human
When a friendly unit is placed on the field: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy unit.
While on the field: Whenever the player who controls this unit destroys another unit through damage-dealing effects, Explore for Shield. (Excluding damage through <Spillover>.)

Sarutobi Sasuke
Tribe: Human
After dealing damage to the enemy Hero: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy unit.

Tribe: Human
When played: Explore for Thunder Brew. Your Hero gains +2 Life.

Great Swordsman Susano
Tribe: Human
When played: Activate effects based on the number of times friendly units have leveled up.
3 or more: Gain +2/+4.
5 or more: Gain +1/+2 and <Heavy Pierce>.
7 or more: Gain +1/+2 and <Crush>

Maeda Keiji
Tribe: Human
When an enemy unit appears in front: Deal damage to enemy hero equivalent to own Attack.
:Gain +2/+3

Tribe: Human
<Growth>: 3
Lv.2: Gain <MP Boost: 30>.
Lv.3: Explore for The Returning Ark.

War God's Perception
Inflicts Halt on an enemy unit with an MP cost of 5 or less for 5 seconds.
That unit gains "This unit cannot block enemy attacks" for 5 seconds.

Uesugi Kenshin
Tribe: Human
While on the field: Give all other friendly units +1 Attack Damage.
After dealing damage to an enemy Hero: Inflicts a random enemy unit with Halt for 5 seconds.

Thunder Brew
Give a unit "Take 1 damage every 5 seconds" and that unit cannot counter. 

Camille and Camellia
Tribe: Human
When played: If there are at least 3 different Tribes among friendly units, all friendly units gain +1/+1. 

Madame Fawn
Tribe: Human
When played: Add 1 Action Card with an MP cost of 1 MP or less from your deck to your EX Pocket. 

Akechi Mitsuhide
Tribe: Human
When placed on the field: Destroy another random friendly unit and gain +2/+4. 

Black Imp
Tribe: Spirit
Death: The enemy Hero gains +3 Life. 

Otomo Sorin
Tribe: Human
<Growth>: 3
Lv.2: Gain +1 Attack.
Lv.3: Give a unit with an MP cost of 5 or more in your Graveyard -2 MP and return it to the EX Pocket.

Mr and Mrs. Cutter 
Tribe: Human
<Growth>: 6. Lv.2: Turns into Crow Tengu. 

Crow Tengu
<Flight> <Shield>
After dealing damage to the enemy Hero: Gain +1 HP. 

The Returning Ark
Return a friendly unit to your deck and gain +2 MP. 

Power Slash
Deal 2 damage to an enemy unit.
<Memory>: 4
Deal 4 damage to an enemy unit instead.
<Memory>: 7
Deal 6 damage to an enemy unit instead. 

Bamboo's Gift
Place a unit in your deck with <Growth> that has an MP cost of 4 or less onto the field.
Then, if there are 3 friendly units in play, increase the level of that unit by 1. 

Place 3 random units in your Graveyard with an MP cost of 4 or less onto the field with 1 HP.

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