EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – March 10, 2016 – In advance of République’s March 22 release on the PlayStation®4 (PS4™), PC and mobile devices, GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc. (GOEA) and Seattle-based developer Camouflaj today revealed three exclusive launch day outfits for series heroine Hope. Players can download them free for a limited time as a single DLC pack available from launch day (March 22) through April 4.

The outfits, which offer players a range of unique styles and gameplay perks, include:

  • The Kat-Inspired Outfit: Through a collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment, the Kat-Inspired outfit pays homage to the PlayStation classic, Gravity Rush.
  • The Guard (Prizrak) Outfit: This outfit allows Hope to blend in and sneak by guards in plain sight. However, players still need to be careful not to get too close or perform suspicious activities (such as sneaking, stealing, or attacking other guards), as doing so will blow Hope’s cover. The Guard outfit also comes with a special Taser with an infinite amount of charges, but not every situation can be solved with force.
  • The Speedrun Outfit: A speedrunner’s dream, this outfit is great for outrunning guards and setting new records, as it increases Hope's overall speed and displays a special on-screen timer that allows players to track their gameplay and episode completion times.

On March 22, PS4™ players can purchase the retail version of the entire five-episode game for an SRP of $24.99 from participating retailers throughout North America through a distribution partnership with ATLUS. The game will also be available for digital download on the PlayStation®Store for the same price.

For information on GungHo Online Entertainment America, visit www.gunghoonline.com.

For more information on Camouflaj and République, visit www.camouflaj.com.


GungHo Online Entertainment America is a multiplatform publisher dedicated to delivering the best titles, content and support for the online gaming community. Established in 2012 and led by former Square Enix and XSEED Games executive Jun Iwasaki, GungHo Online Entertainment America is the US division of GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE), an established Japanese publisher. GungHo Online Entertainment America's content partners include leading developers Grasshopper Manufacture, Game Arts, Acquire, and Gravity, all of which are subsidiaries of GOE. GungHo Online Entertainment America publishes and distributes network-oriented games for console, handheld, mobile, tablet, and MMO-style games for PC. GungHo Online Entertainment America is located in El Segundo, CA. For more information, visit www.gunghoonline.com.

Founded by former Halo 4 creative director and Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ryan Payton, Camouflaj is a Seattle-based boutique game studio. Comprised of industry veterans from such award-winning franchises as F.E.A.R., Red Dead Redemption, and S.O.C.O.M., Camouflaj is a nimble team of experienced developers and talented newcomers, dedicated to bringing high quality, focused game experiences to the broadest possible audiences.

Dakota Grabowski
Business & Marketing Manager