Our FINAL Ninja God showdown is here...

Kick off the year by cheering on some wickedly talented Ninja Gods! We have invited our top four winners from Ninja God Invitational III and IV to battle it out in one final winner-takes-all tournament! Unlike our regular invitational events, in this showdown eight players will compete—Battle Royale style—for the chance to win a share of the $500 TOTAL PRIZE POOL! Players will have three rounds to prove they are truly the best of the best. However, only four will leave with the ultimate Ninja God title, a share of the prize, AND the Blue Dragon Caller: Sonia Style!

Give it up ONE LAST TIME for this final cohort of Ninja Gods and tune in to the live broadcast on Saturday, February 10 at 11AM PT for astounding gameplay and commentating that will bring you to the edge of your seat, graciously provided by Snug and CAJman777!

You’re not going to want to miss this epic conclusion to our Ninja God saga! 


  • 1st Place: $200* Nintendo eShop Gift Card + Blue Dragon Caller: Sonia Style (in-game) 
  • 2nd Place: $150* Nintendo eShop Gift Card + Blue Dragon Caller: Sonia Style (in-game)   
  • 3rd Place: $100* Nintendo eShop Gift Card + Blue Dragon Caller: Sonia Style (in-game)     

  • 4th Place: $50* Nintendo eShop Gift Card + Blue Dragon Caller: Sonia Style (in-game)     

* Winners can choose the currency they want their gift card in, and we will send the equivalent value in their chosen currency.

Prize Distribution:

Winners will be contacted via the email address/Discord account provided on the Google Form they signed up with. Please respond with the requested information in the email/DM before the deadline stated in the message in order to receive your prize.*

*Your prize WILL be forfeited if: 

  • Failure to send the requested information by the specified date

  • We are unable to verify the validity of your entry

Tournament Rules:

  • Shinobi Card Assist Codes will be locked to Level 5.

  • No limit on the number of Shinobi Cards used.

  • Lab Effects will be turned OFF.

Tournament Format:

  • Grand Finals: Three Battle Royale matches

  • * If the final score is a tie, one tie-breaker match will be played.


Grand Finals

  1. Shinobi City

  2. WNA Academy

  3. Croissant Arena

Rematch Rules:

We will have rematches under certain circumstances. You will not be able to change weapons in a rematch.

  • If one or more players disconnect during the room creation:

    • The tournament organizer will recreate the room and the battle will continue.

  • If one or more people disconnect with 230 seconds or more remaining in the battle:

    • There will be ONE rematch. The rematch will continue even if there are players that are unable to connect to the rematch.

  • If one or more people disconnect with 229 seconds or less remaining in the battle:

    • There will be no rematch. The player(s) who disconnect will not earn any points for that battle. 

  • If one or more people disconnect in the results screen:

    • The points shown in the results screen before the disconnect will be counted. There will be no rematch.

  •  If the tournament organizers deem the connection during the battle is unstable:

    • The current match will be interrupted and there will be ONE rematch.

  • Multiple disconnections may lead to an immediate disqualification from the tournament.

  • Please check your internet connection before the match in the Settings menu on your Nintendo Switch.

    • We recommend a 20-30 Mbps download and 20-30 Mbps upload speed.

Prohibited Actions:

The following are prohibited during this event. If you are found committing any of the acts below, we may cancel both your entry into the event and future Ninjala events, as well as void your eligibility for any prizes. We kindly ask for your cooperation to make the event fun for everyone.

  • If you do not access the Discord server during the specified times. 

  • If you buy, sell, trade, gift, or accept a gifted slot in this event. 

  • If you alter the game data or perform any illegal actions in-game. 

  • If you coordinate with other participants to alter the results of the match.

  • If you perform any in-game actions/disconnect without a direction from the event organizer.

  • If you act in a way that is unfitting for the public, harass or threaten other participants.

  • If you take any other actions which disrupt the flow of the event.

Other Event Guidelines

In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or power outages, we may cancel this event. In the case of a natural disaster, please follow the instructions of the staff. 

  • We ask that you fully cooperate with event staff to make sure the event goes smoothly. Failure to cooperate may result in disqualification.

  • GOEA will not take responsibility for any accidents or harm that may occur due to the player’s actions during this event. 

  • By entering and signing up for this event, players will agree to all terms on this page. 

  • Please be aware that any of this information may change due to the tournament organizer’s discretion. 

  • GOEA reserves the right to cancel this event at any given time, including and up to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled event time.

May the odds be in your favor, Ninja Gods! We’re looking forward to an explosive closing of this chapter!

Tune in on Saturday, February 10 at 11AM PT by visiting the official Ninjala YouTube channel! 

YouTube: http://youtube.com/c/playninjala

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