A new card set and story centered around the Resident Evil series starts today

TOKYO, Japan – September 1, 2023 – Evade nightmarish threats and harness their powers as "The Daymare Diary" card pack launches in TEPPEN today. This spine-chilling update introduces terrifying denizens from the Resident Evil series, joining iconic characters from the Monster Hunter series, Devil May Cry series, Mega Man series,and more.

Watch the trailer here.

Night Terrors
Resident Evil's Sherry Birkin reads a picture diary belonging to a mysterious girl and is transported to a ghastly mansion. She realizes she's been reverted to a child and comes across a doll, Angie (from Resident Evil Village), who directs her to collect the diary's torn pages in order to escape. While navigating this haunted place, Sherry encounters Monster Hunter's Felyne as a naughty ghost, Mega Man X's Vile as a tin toy, and other wicked foes from across Capcom titles. Among the chaos, a cute plushie resembling Resident Evil's Claire offers to help. Sherry relives the horrors of her childhood as she collects the book's missing pages, not knowing if the diary will bring relief—or more suffering.

New Ability
The Daymare Diary expansion introduces the new ability. Make the most of your mounting madness by inflicting various insanity-fueled benefits, as detailed below:

  • When playing units with the ability, certain other units with in your hand, EX Pocket, and deck will become . This only applies to units with 1 more MP than the played card and are not already .
  • The attack power of units will go up. Units will receive an attack boost equivalent to half the MP cost of the unit played and will round down.
  • Certain card effects require the card to be to activate.

New Cards
Avoid your greatest fears or use them to gain the upper hand. The Red card "Katherine Warren," the Green Card "The Limb Reaper," the Purple Card "Puppet Mage Waka," and the Black Card "Trauma Chief Brian Irons" are all a part of this ghoulish dream! Here's a look at Katherine Warren:

  • Type: Unit
  • Tribe: Human
  • Rarity: 4
  • Attack: 0
  • HP: 4
  • Effects:
    • < Frenzy >: This unit cannot attack.
    • Death: Deal 4 damage to the unit in front, then Explore for Corrosion. Additionally, if this unit is , give that card -2 MP.
    • < Immolate >: Give "Attacking: Give all Unit Cards with in your hand and EX Pocket -1 MP." (MP costs cannot drop below 1.)

Events and Missions
In October, the limited-time Main Quest "The Daymare Diary" encourages players to collect and exchange candies for rewards. Players can also enjoy the return of "Turnabout Festival" as a returning event in September. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to collect one Secret Sphere from each of three missions occurring at different times:

  • September 1 (post-maintenance) - September 18 at 4:59 p.m. PT
  • September 8 - October 2 at 4:59 p.m. PT
  • September 18 - October 2 at 4:59 p.m. PT

Campaign Exclusives
Pick up TEPPEN Special Pack 23 to acquire new Skins and Secret Cards. The special pack will be available from September 14 to October 1. Other pack sets, including the New Pack Celebration JEWEL SET with two "The Daymare Diary" Pack Tickets and the Mini Jewels & Extras Set, are available from September 1 to September 15. Additionally, players can find limited-time BGMs, Resident Evil Village's Promenonsnous dans les bois, and Resident Evil 2's Escape in the Soul Shop until October 2.

Card Rotation
The "Jurassic Rampage" card set rotates out of Standard Mode with the introduction of "The Daymare Diary." 

Assets for "The Daymare Diary" can be found here.

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