Mark the occasion with high-octane competition, plus an upcoming collaboration with the classic anime Evangelion

TOKYO, Japan – June 8, 2023 - GungHo Online Entertainment today announced that the gum-based action brawler, Ninjala, is celebrating three years of bubble-bursting battles. Veteran ninja warriors and prospective WNA students alike can enjoy the 3rd Anniversary Campaign, which includes login and battle bonuses, a sale on all items on the Shinobi Shop, and an upcoming collaboration with the world-famous anime Evangelion.

You can check out the full Dev Diary #31 here.

Since its release in June of 2020, Ninjala has won over players across the globe with its dynamic gameplay and colorful cast of characters. With a lucky thirteen seasons of original content, the game has provided its ever-growing community with tons of weapon types, Shinobi Cards, over a dozen collaboration events, and more. Last year, the game was also adapted into an anime by OLM, Inc., with nearly 70 episodes premiering online on Ninjala's official YouTube channel.

3rd Anniversary Campaign Perks

  • A Gift from the Gum: Every player that logs in between June 21 and August 9 will receive 500 free Jala to use in the Shinobi Shop. Players can enjoy a special 20% off sale from June 21 to July 5, so be sure to stock up on Shinobi cards, weapons, and avatar items! Players who own a Ninjala Pass can combine this with their Ninjala Pass discount, for a total of 50% off all items!
  • The Winner Takes All: The 3rd Anniversary Cup will be held on June 24 from 7:00 p.m. to June 25, 1:00 a.m. PDT. Players will earn a "3rd Anniversary Commemorative Sticker'' just for playing, with special items given out by rank. Players that place in the top 100 will receive Jala to improve their wardrobes!

Evangelion Collaboration
Dress up as characters from the classic anime Evangelion in Ninjala starting July 5 (PDT), with collaboration-exclusive items, weapons, and more. Equip collab items and enjoy battles all dressed up. For more information, stay tuned and follow Ninjala's various social media accounts.

Press assets for the game can be found here.


Ninjala is a free-to-play online action game featuring a colorful cast of ninjas who battle by unlocking the secret powers of "Ninja-Gum." These young descendants of ancient ninja clans wield a variety of special items, abilities, and distinctive gum weaponry as they clash and dash across vibrant, dynamic arenas. Fly through the air and hurl binding bubbles at rivals and smack competition out of the arena using super-sized weapons–for every ninja, endless combos await. Style your shinobi by choosing from hundreds of outfits and customization items or become one with your surroundings like a true student of stealth. Ninjala is available on the Nintendo Switch™, where it has received over 10 million downloads worldwide. Visit to learn more.

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Natsuki Nishikawa
Senior Communications Coordinator