Hack and slash your way through neon arenas with exclusive weapons, outfits, and the fourth Story Pack

TOKYO, Japan – April 27, 2023 - Cyborg warriors invade Ninjala as Season 13 begins today! GungHo Online Entertainment is celebrating the latest season with outfits, weapons, and events that offer a modern take on Dark Fantasy. Players can get involved in the augmented fun today through August 9 and receive rewards just for logging in during the “Summer Power Up Campaign.” Enjoy the latest installment of Ninjala's thrilling saga with ‘Story Pack: Chapter Four,’ which follows Lucy, Van, and Kappei as they work to uncover the mystery that lies within Sphinx Valley.

The Revolution Will Be Pixelated
Stock up on weapons and outfits fit for cyborg warfare.

  • Power Up Your Play: Enjoy two new weapons: “Slash Kicks X” and “Crushpop.” When attacking, these two weapons allow players to make additional timed attacks with all the skill of an Iai swordsman. While your weapon is sheathed, players can enter a Zanshin state. Weapons will glow pink and unlock a special, powerful attack when activated at just the right time.
  • Slash and Burn the Competition: “Bolt Slash” closes the distance between combatants, allowing a player to deal extra damage when their opponent is in a Gum Bind state.
  • More Than One Way to Hack It: The Alter Special “Variable Stance” lets players fire slashes and perform counter-attacks from Iaijutsu posture without triggering an S-Burst. Destroy your enemy’s Gum Weapon by counter-attacking during a wide attack in “Variable Stance” to turn the battle around. While players are virtually immobilized in this stance, they can use a single well-timed step to temporarily become invincible and pull off technical maneuvers, gaining the upper hand.
  • Reset for Summer: Enjoy bonuses and events during the “Summer Power Up Campaign.” Log in during the Gumchi Login Bonus event for free Ninja Medals. Additionally, log in during the “Loot Battle Matsuri” to earn assist codes according to the number of battles you participate in. Players can also earn extra Research Points during the “Burton’s Research Bonus,” receiving up to 210 points per battle. Save up these points to strengthen Ninja Gum Research and Shinobi cards.

Uncover the Riches of the Sphinx
Explore the ruins of Sphinx Valley with Lucy, Van, and Kappei in ‘Story Pack: Chapter Four.’ Clear the game mode and meet specific conditions to earn exclusive avatar items and BGM. A special campaign will commemorate the new Story Pack, allowing players that purchase the pack to receive Research Points as a gift for completing the campaign. Chapters One through Three will be available at a discounted price until May 9, so players can get all caught up before completing Chapter Four.

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Ninjala is a free-to-play online action game featuring a colorful cast of ninjas who battle by unlocking the secret powers of “Ninja-Gum.” These young descendants of ancient ninja clans wield a variety of special items, abilities, and distinctive gum weaponry as they clash and dash across vibrant, dynamic arenas. Fly through the air and hurl binding bubbles at rivals and smack competition out of the arena using super-sized weapons–for every ninja, endless combos await. Style your shinobi by choosing from hundreds of outfits and customization items or become one with your surroundings like a true student of stealth. Ninjala is available on the Nintendo Switch™, where it has received over 10 million downloads worldwide. Visit ninjalathegame.com to learn more.

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