A jack of all trades! From content creator to part-time professor, Chicknfit does it all!

Everybody say hello to Chicknfit, our GungHo Ambassador of the month! He first made his name known within the Ninjala Community by creating Ninjala content on his YouTube channel, then went on to become a commentator for Ninjala's first American Team Tournament! When he's not creating content or commentating, he's busy educating the minds of society's up-and-coming generations! 

Keep reading to learn more about Chicknfit!

Please introduce yourself!

You may know me as a content creator/gamer, but outside of those things, I am a science educator and part-time professor too!

Hi everyone, my name is Chicknfit (formerly known as Chicknplays). I'm from New York and I play a variety of video games. You may know me as a content creator/gamer, but outside of those things, I am a science educator and part-time professor too! In my pastime, I love playing video games: action, role-playing, adventure, and many more. I also enjoy participating in events, and being in company with people who enjoy similar things as me. Just recently, I was connected with players which then led me to volunteer to commentate for a Splatoon Tournament. How cool is that?! I was also a commentator for Ninjala's first American Team Tournament as well. I guess I am a jack of all trades, which can be both beneficial and exhausting! If you ever want to chat, I don't mind maybe grabbing some Bubble Tea or food!

When and how did you start your career as a streamer/content creator? What kind of streams/content do you make? 

The first time I seriously started being a content creator was around 2019 posting gameplay tutorials and how-tos for mobile games on YouTube. I was one of the very few and fortunate creators who was recognized and invited to eventually become partnered with another mobile company (Pokemon Masters EX) during that time. Later, I started to explore streaming in other platforms such as Twitch, playing a variety of different games. I currently make Youtube Shorts, Twitter post content, and engage in Twitch streams when playing new games or games my community is familiar with.

What is your favorite GungHo game and why? How did you first learn about that game?

Currently, Ninjala because it has the sweet familiarity and style of Nintendo's Splatoon game. I first learned about the game through Nintendo Switch's recommendation in the news about the release of Ninjala. It felt reminiscent of Splatoon, where you have a variety of weapons, outfits, and cosmetics to choose from and players duke it out in different modes such as Battle Royale and Team Battles. I loved teaming up with friends and occasionally opened up Private Battle lobbies with viewers and members of my community. Ninjala is not like any other game and is quite unique; the thing that I love about this game are the emotes and outfits in the shop to bedazzle your character.

Do you have any advice for someone who just started playing Ninjala?

You may get IPPONed so many times, but the more you learn and play, the better you can IPPON other enemies in Ninjala.

My advice is to explore the new weapons and get yourself in a game! That's what I did the first time and got my butt kicked! Sometimes, the best  learning experience is by going through it. You may get IPPONed so many times, but the more you learn and play, the better you can IPPON other enemies in Ninjala. Another piece of advice is to try out the story mode as it teaches you nifty tricks that you can eventually pick up. It's a nice way to learn a variety of weapons as well.

How did you become a GungHo America Ambassador and what do you like most about it?

My connection with games and the community are some of the major things I like most about being an ambassador.

I became a GungHo America Ambassador through recommendations from audiences that vouched for me back when I consistently streamed Ninjala almost every week. Former members of Ninjala Teams back when Ninjala released considered my application, and from then on I had opportunities to promote other games through GungHo America as well. More than anything, the crazy part was that I had religiously played Puzzle & Dragons before all this, not realizing it was from GungHo, and that game was super addicting! My connection with games and the community are some of the major things I like most about being an ambassador. The opportunities I do currently continue to enjoy is commentating through Ninjala tournaments (hoping to may be do it again), just like during the Creepy Crew Carnage Tournament!

Do you have any goals as a GungHo America Ambassador?

My goals as GungHo Ambassador are to become more engaged in GungHo games such as Ninjala, or to promote a variety of other interesting GungHo games that may peak my interest. One goal that I'd be happy to connect or collab with again is commentating for tournaments! I do love expressing and talking about the actions in fight scenes! I would still love for this one favorite goal of mine to happen: continue to have future collaborations where I am comfortable enough to talk, discuss, and play Ninjala or other games alongside with the developers/staff.

What are your motivations for streaming/creating content?

My motivations for streaming/creating content vary from time to time. A lot of the motivation nowadays come out from an idea I never thought of before, something I saw on Instagram, or promoting a specific game through tutorials and/or guides. I do like sharing my content on Youtube when it comes to guides. Sometimes, I change it up with unboxing videos I have opportunities to do, or commentating. I recently commentated for a Splatoon tournament here in NY, which then pushed me to play Splatoon. Sometimes, it's the events that I attend and the people that I meet which motivate me to continue to stream and create content.

Do you have any tips or advice for someone who wants to start streaming/creating content?

For someone who wants to start streaming/creating content, my first piece of advice is not to do it for the money, but for fun. A lot of times, small creators see that they want to immediately become big if they stream a game that a more mainstream creator is currently playing. I suggest  searching for games that you find enjoyment in, and then thinking about a few games that you can see yourself playing.

Additionally, streaming or creating content can be intimidating and sometimes stressful. I suggest taking breaks, both physically and mentally. You do not have to upload ten videos a day and stream every single day. Do not work yourself up. Building a following or community takes time. I can happily share more about my experiences in content creation in the future.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

If you hear the sound of crunching, that's me eating snacks while live-streaming and gaming. My favorite hobbies include: going to big events such as Nintendo NY, meeting up with people with same interests, and spending time with friends. My favorite food is Korean BBQ, while my favorite drink is bubble tea!

Who are your favorite Ninjala characters?

  1. Gumchi

  2. Burton

  3. Lucy

  4. Kappei

  5. Van 

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