Welcome, Ochi!

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to the newest GungHo Ambassador for Ninjala, Ochi! Their vibe is very down-to-earth and they are passionate about sharing games they love with others! Read how Ochi got their start as a streamer and discovered Ninjala


Please introduce yourself!
The name's Ochi! I'm a Tanuki VTuber that streams variety on twitch! Come check me out if you like chill, down-to-earth streamers.

When and how did you start your career as a streamer/content creator? What kind of streams/content do you make?
I started back in early 2021! I mostly streamed PC games and rhythm games, such as FNF (Friday Night Funkin') and ERBS (Eternal Return Black Survival), until I got a capture card to stream games like Ninjala and Pokemon.

What is your favorite GungHo game and why? How did you first learn about that game?
Well it has to be Ninjala! I randomly found the game by watching a recommended video on Youtube about it releasing and I've been playing since release!

Do you have any advice for someone who just started playing Ninjala?
The best advice I'd have to give to a new player for Ninjala would be try out all the weapons and play the ones you like the best! Because at the end of the day, all weapons have great viability.

How did you become a GungHo America Ambassador?
I became an ambassador after running a few tournaments for Ninjala!

Do you have any goals as a GungHo America Ambassador?
My main goal is to run events that anyone in the community can join!

Do you have any goals as a content creator/streamer in general?
My main goals as a content creator in general are to be as consistent as possible while learning how to create and edit videos.

What are your motivations for streaming/creating content?

Mostly wanting to stream what I play and play with other people who share the same love for games as I do!

Do you have any tips or advice for someone who wants to start streaming/creating content?
You don't have to start with over-the-top models, overlays, or anything of that sort. If you want to stream, just start streaming!

Ochi's Top 5 Favorite Ninjala Characters:

  • Lucy 

  • Ron

  • Emma

  • Jane

  • Berecca

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