Put on your festive sweaters and whip out your hot cocoa for our upcoming Ninjala Festive Ball!

Mark your holiday calendars for December 10th at 11AM (PST)! 

In this stream, we are bringing you all not one, not two, but THREE gumtastic events you can participate in! Oh, and we forgot to mention the best part… play for the chance to win PRIZES!

Now that we’ve got your attention, here are the events and their entry periods so you can take part in the festivities! 

Holly Jolly Roulette

Entry Period
11/21-11/30 7PM (PST)
How To Enter:
Sign up by scanning the QR Code below OR enter here!
Event Description:
Players will be matched up with one another prior to the spinning of the wheel, or roulette, which will determine the map and game mode that all players will be competing in. 
ALL participants will receive an in-game Gumchi t-shirt (pink or yellow)!

Hidden Beneath the Beast

Entry Period
11/21-11/30 7PM (PST) 
How to Enter:
Sign up by scanning the QR Code below OR enter here!
Event Description:
Hide-and-seek, Release the Beast edition! 
This game mode is a variant of "Release the Beast", where non-beast players are unable to do anything except move and use their Gum Utsusemi.

  • 8 players will load into a Release the Beast game in a custom room. Assist Codes will be locked to level 5, and Lab Effects will be turned OFF.
  • The 3 players who spawn as Beasts must run to the middle Bath area as soon as the game starts.
  • The non-Beast players in their Ninja forms have 30 seconds to find a hiding spot.
  • Once the timer hits 210 seconds remaining, the Beasts may leave the middle Bath area and search for the Ninjas.
  • The Beasts then have 80 seconds, or until the timer hits 130 seconds remaining, to find other Ninjas.
    • If a Beast player is able to IPPON a hiding Ninja, that hiding Ninja is OUT and must then wait in the middle Bath area until the timer hits 130 seconds remaining in their Beast form.
    • The Beast that succesfully obtained an IPPON is SAFE and will also wait in the middle Bath area in their Ninja form until the timer hits 130 seconds.
  • At 130 seconds remaining, any Beast that has not found a Ninja is OUT and any Ninjas that have not been found are SAFE. All players must return to the Middle Bath Area at this time, and have 10 seconds to do so.
  • At 120 seconds remaining, we will begin a new round. The current Beast players must remain in the middle Bath area for 30 seconds, while the current Ninja players find a hiding spot on the map. The Beasts then have 80 seconds, or until 10 seconds remain on the map, to find the hiding Ninjas.

These actions are prohibited and may lead to a forfeit of your participation prize, or a ban from any further Ninjala events or streams. This game mode is a fun variant that is only possible with your help, so we need everyone to follow all of the guidelines!

  • Ninja players may NOT use their Gum Boost, Gum Ninjutsu, or Gum Shoots.
  • Players who are OUT may NOT leave the middle Bath area.
  • Beasts who find a Ninja and are marked SAFE may NOT leave the middle Bath area.

ALL participants will receive an in-game Gumchi t-shirt (pink or yellow)!

Conquer the Seas

Submission Period
12/2-12/9 7PM (PST)
Event Description:
Ninjala scavenger hunt! Submit 5 images of in-game items/areas based on the hints that we give you!
How to Submit:
Take screenshots with your Nintendo Switch and save them to your smartphone or computer. Submit your screenshots in this Submission Form!
Scavenger Hunt Hints:

  1. Fish with Gumchi!
  2. "Chill Out" with a cup of your favorite coffee!
  3. Pick up some grub at Tom's Kitchen!
  4. Climb up the gum wall!
  5. Get gobbled up by Gumchi!

Reward: Six winners (5 Fastest Submissions & 1 Staff Pick) will receive Kappei’s Nightlife Attire Outfit!

Ninja God Holiday Showdown 

How to Enter:
Invitation Only
Event Description:
8 players / 3 battle royale matches 

  • Game Mode: Battle Royale
  • 3 Rounds
  • Assist Codes Locked at Level 5
  • Lab Effects Turned Off
  • Stages:
    • Round 1: Shinobi City
    • Round 2: WNA Junkyard
    • Round 3: WNA Academy

After 3 matches, scores will be tallied up. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card AND 1 Emma’s Athletic Attire in-game outfit! 
  • 2nd Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card 
  • 3rd Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card 


*Participants are subject to change at any time.

Scan HERE to Sign Up for Holly Jolly Roulette & Hidden Beneath the Beast!

**NOTE: For our Holly Jolly Roulette and Hidden Beneath the Beast events, if the number of sign-ups exceeds the number of participants we can host during the stream, we will have to select participants at random. 

Prize Distribution:
Winners will be contacted via Discord DM of the Discord account provided on the Google Form. Please respond with the requested information in the DM before the deadline stated in the message in order to receive your prize. Prizes will be distributed at a later date!

**Your prize WILL be forfeited if: 
- Failure to send the requested information by the specified date
- We are unable to verify the validity of your entry


  1. All entrants will only be allowed to play in ONE match (Room Battle) to allow other players to participate. 
  2. The game mode and stage will be chosen randomly by a roulette before the start of each match.
  3. No limit on the number of Shinobi Cards used, but we will restrict assist codes to level 5.
  4. Players must have a Discord account to participate in the event. 

Rematch Rules: 

  1. We will have rematches under certain circumstances. 
  2. You will not be able to change weapons in a rematch.
  3. If one or more players disconnect during the room creation:
    - The event organizer will recreate the room and the battle will continue.
  4. If one or more people disconnect with 120 seconds or more remaining in the battle:
    - There will be ONE rematch. The rematch will continue even if there are players that are unable to connect to the rematch.
  5. If one or more people disconnect with 119 seconds or less remaining in the battle:
    - There will be no rematch. The player(s) who disconnect will not earn any points for that battle. 
  6. If one or more people disconnect in the results screen:
    - There will be no rematch. 
  7.  If the event organizers deem the connection during the battle is unstable:
    - The current match will be interrupted and there will be ONE rematch.

Prohibited Actions: 

The following are prohibited during this event. If you are found committing any of the acts below, we may cancel your entry into the event and void your eligibility for any prizes.

  1. If you do not access the Discord server during the specified times. 
  2. If you buy, sell, trade, gift, or accept a gifted slot in this event. 
  3. If you alter the game data or perform any illegal actions in-game. 
  4. If you act in a way that is unfitting for the public, harass or threaten other participants.
  5. If you take any other actions which disrupt the flow of the event.

Other Guidelines for Event: 

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or power outages, we may cancel this event. In the case of a natural disaster, please follow the instructions of the staff. 
  • We ask that you fully cooperate with event staff to make sure the event goes smoothly. Failure to cooperate may result in removal from the event.
  • GOEA will not take responsibility for any accidents or harm that may occur due to the player’s actions during this event. 
  • By entering this event, players will agree to all terms on this page. 
  • Please be aware that any of this information may change due to the event organizer’s discretion. 
  • GOEA reserves the right to cancel this event at any given time, including and up to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled event time.

Well, Ninjas? Do you have what it takes to come out on top? Enter and find out!  ~

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