Today, GungHo Online Entertainment is releasing the Super Massive Update for PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch™ Edition! This update doubles the number of dungeons in Quest Mode and adds the following Puzzle & Dragons: Nintendo Switch Edition features:

  • New Achievements have been added, and players can earn a free pull from the Egg Machine for earning them. Achievements can be earned by: playing matches with new friends, clearing Nightmare Dungeons, playing a certain number of Permanent World Matches, clearing all downloaded dungeons, and more. 
  • Nightmare Dungeons, more challenging dungeons for the most experienced dungeon battlers, can be unlocked by clearing Quest Dungeon 15: A Gap in Space-Time.
  • Players that clear “Magisa Plateau” in Quest Mode will unlock the Helper Feature. After a PvP match, players can rent opponents as Helpers to fight alongside them. Rented Helpers can be used in the Quest and Custom Modes.
  • Players can now use select acquired teams in Permanent World Matches and Friend Matches.
  • The Rank Cap has been bumped up to 120, letting players flex their skills even more. 
  • Extended Dungeon Plaza expiration dates means uploaded dungeons will now last for approximately a year before they’re removed.
  • New Egg Machines: "Heroine Egg Machine 2," "Dot Egg Machine,” “Dragon & Legendary Hero,” and “Pixel Egg Machine” have been added.
  • Left-handed play has been added, and, when selected, it optimizes the battle screen for left-handed players. 
  • Other bug fixes and improvements to the game have been made.

To celebrate the update, new players can pick up PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch™ Edition for $1.99 USD between August 1st and August 21st during the Summer Sale. 

We look forward to seeing you in PAD Switch!