2 for 2? Surprise (Second) 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

Congrats once again to the winners of the WNA Resort giveaway! And just like that, we’re doing ANOTHER one–we told you we wanted to make our 2nd Anniversary special! 

Rather than choose five winners, this time we’re giving away prizes to one, two, three… well, every ninja who wants one. Seriously! Up to three rewards can be earned in this latest social media campaign, beginning with 50 free Gacha coins. Reaching our goal of 500 Twitter Retweets and/or TikTok shares will mean that the Blue Dragon Caller: Sonia Style outfit–previously exclusive to Japan during our Puzzle & Dragons collab–will be made available to everyone!

What’s the catch? You all. You’re the catch. We want you to know we appreciate you. <3

Make sure to share the news with your fellow ninjas to make sure we have the best chance of reaching the max prize–good luck everyone!!!~ 


0 RTs/Shares: 50x Gacha Coins

250 RTs/Shares: 5x SK8 Gum (Balloon)

500 RTs/Shares: Blue Dragon Caller: Sonia Style

How to Participate

You must complete at least one of the below steps to participate in the giveaway:

  1. Retweet our official 2nd anniversary giveaway post on Twitter @PlayNinjala
  2. Share our official 2nd anniversary giveaway video on TikTok @GungHoAmerica

Event Period

The giveaway will run from 6/25~7/8. 

The Ninjala award codes will be revealed on 7/11, and the codes will remain valid until 7/19. 

Make sure to redeem them during that period!

Additional Terms

*If any fraudulent activity or inappropriate behavior is discovered during the contest, entries may be voided or the contest may be canceled.

- For privacy policy, please refer to this link

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