GungHo in the Press - Interview with Shacknews

"With Deathverse, Yamaoka notes taking more of a “funk” approach in songs like Death Jamboree, which can be heard playing in the game’s announcement trailer. As fans of Akira Yamaoka’s work as a whole, and his work on Let It Die, we were eager to learn even more about how he’s tackling the Deathverse soundtrack."


"How has your style and approach to music evolved from when you worked on Let It Die, to now as you’re working on Deathverse?

Akira Yamaoka: The feel of the game is different, so I wanted to express the atmosphere differently through the sounds. Also, because of the “real-time'' nature of DEATHVERSE, I was particular not only about the different genres of music, but also the sound program within the game to create interactive sound expressions and music that changes depending on the player."


"How does working on games like Deathverse and Let It Die compare to other games you’ve worked on in the past?

Akira Yamaoka: As this game is not story-based and centered on enjoying 'gameplay', I first ask myself: 'How can I preserve the essence of the gameplay? Would this choice hinder the player experience?' Rather than being particular about the music or sound. On top of that, I want to create music that will leave a strong impression on players when they play it for the first time."

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