"The secret of my success! The secret of my success!!"

Event Period: 01/27/2022 18:00 – 01/31/2022 17:59 (PST)

“Without mushrooms there is no glory, there is nothing, there is no love, nothing makes sense!”

Senpai! In case you didn't already have enough on your plate in the new year, Momoko's whipped up a special dish just for you!

When you purchase a Premium Decal at the Mushroom Club, you’ll have a chance of obtaining one of twenty possible Premium Decals! Please check the lineup at the Mushroom Club to see which Premium Decals are featured.


  • Momoko’s MushFest only applies to DM Stews
  • For more details, please view the lineup at the Mushroom Club during the event period
  • Event duration and content may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances