LET IT DIE's annual Snowcap event returns!

1. Snowcaps Are Back!

For a limited time, the Tower of Barbs is going to grow some unique mushrooms!

Event Period: 01/17/2022 (Post Maintenance) – 02/24/2022 02:00 (PST)

During the event period, “Bronze Snowcap”, “Silver Snowcap”, and “Golden Snowcap” mushrooms will appear in the Tower of Barbs!

These unique, seasonal ‘shrooms restore some weapon and equipment durability when eaten. A mysterious (yet extremely helpful) effect indeed!

2. Special Winter Quests Available!

Event Period: 01/17/2021 (Post Maintenance) – 02/25/2020 02:00 (PST)

During the event period, you can take on special quests that will reward you for collecting Snowcaps!

Quest Conditions
Reward (First time only)
Repeat Reward
Collect 20 Bronze Snowcap
Guardshroom x3
500 Kill Coins
Collect 10 Silver Snowcap
Death Metal x5
500 Kill Coins
Collect 5 Golden Snowcap
Lost Bag (Rainbow) x1
500 Kill Coins

How to Receive Quests:

Head to the Waiting Room to enter the Fountain, then talk to Naomi Detox at the Hated Arcade counter or use the Superscope 703 to start the quests.

* You can request up to 10 quests at the same time.
*A quest will remain accepted until it is completed, canceled, or the event period ends.
*To remain eligible for quest rewards you must complete all quest conditions before the event period ends and without canceling the quest.
* Please do not remove the quests until you clear their conditions.

*Event duration and content may be subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.