This summer is a scorcher, but so are these highlights!

It’s a scorcher this summer, but our European Ninjas brought the heat to this skirmish! We still have our nearly 4 hour long VOD up on our social channels, but if you don’t have time to watch that, we’ve got you covered in this video. We’ve carefully selected some moments from our first European tournament to highlight in our latest Community focused video. 

Despite the smaller starting groups, we still had some amazing clashes, lightning fast IPPON, and so much more! We also included the IPPON Master bonus we introduced in the last tournament where we added an additional 1000 points to the IPPON Master, which brought in even more action especially in, what we call, “the Chaos Corner.”

A special thanks to all of the fantastic players in the Scorching Summer Skirmish, and a big congratulations to the winner, Tsu!. Make sure you check them all out at their Twitters listed below:

*tsu! - @tsukasa_kunn

Dyno - @xDynam1te

E. Weakwall - N/A

TGN Rachel - @RachelLunabrush

LooWee - @Slimefist

RedSole - @Chrowoomy

Nagito - @Nagito_FR

(a)Koreelu - @Koreelu

Edzi - N/A

JP - N/A

Marshall - @Marnip10

Jorjaa - @ItzsJorjaa_

LNB Snug - @SnugKieran 

LNBSomeGuy - @guy_called_sean


Madoka - @MadokaMTA

Bnj - @Benjamin_qqch 

Mewshie - @Mewshi1

Gohart - @GohartWK

Kaloo - @Kaloo25010873

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