Thank you for riding the Tokyo Death Metro!

Event Period: 6/28/2021 (Post Maint.) – 9/27/2021 (Maint. Start)

Greetings. Tetsuo’s the name.

Thank you for riding the Tokyo Death Metro.

Once the 6/28/2021 maintenance has concluded, TDM Battle Rush will be entering Season 16! Season 16 will feature the return of some cool equipment that you may have missed, and we’re excited to have you aboard for the journey! To find out more about what’s coming down the track, please review the following details.

We greatly appreciate your business and hope you continue to enjoy Tokyo Death Metro’s Luxury Attack Liner!

1. Obtain Special TDM Season 16 Rank Rewards!
Event Period: 6/28/2021 (Post Maint.) – 9/27/2021 (Maint. Start)

TDM Battle Rush Season 16 will end once maintenance begins on 9/27/2021.

At that time, your final TDM rank will be calculated and you may be eligible to receive a reward based on your rank!

Details on the maintenance times and rewards will be posted at a later date.

Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks and months!

2. Blueprints for Some Returning Favorites Added to Lost Bags!
Event Period: 6/28/2021 (Post Maint.) – TBD

After the 6/28/2021 maintenance period, players will once again have a chance to find the Striker Flail (weapon) and Kendo (armor set) blueprints inside Lost Bags (items received at random after successful Raids/Defenses in TDM)! Each of these pieces of equipment can be raised to the 4th tier. If you missed ’em the first time around, try to obtain them all and test their destructive power for yourself!

– Returning Weapon: Striker Flail –

– Returning Armor:  Kendo Series –

3. Lost Bags: Available Blueprints Updated

Once Season 16 begins, the following equipment blueprints will no longer be available in Lost Bags.

  • FFWF-103 Flamethrower Blueprint
  • Swimming Master Head Blueprint
  • Swimming Master Body Blueprint
  • Swimming Master Pants Blueprint

4. TDM Battle Rush Season 16 Quests
Event Period: 6/28/2021 (Post Maint.) – 9/27/2021 (Maint. Start)

Season 16 will feature seasonal quests that rotate on a weekly basis and also ones that require several weeks to complete. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming updates!

  • It is possible to accept up to 10 Quests at a time.
  • A quest will remain accepted until it is completed, canceled, or the event period ends.
  • To remain eligible for quest rewards you must complete all quest conditions before the event period ends and without canceling the quest.

= What is TDM Battle Rush? =

TDM Battle Rush is an exciting event where – based on the results of your invasions/defenses – your Rank will go up and down. You will receive a reward each week based on your rank, and based on your Final Rank at the end of the season lasting about 3 months, you could receive a super special reward!


Please note that event duration and content may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.