Join Us in Celebrating the Start of Summer!

The start of summer always marks the beginning of beach days, barbecues, and sunburns! Ouch. Luckily, you can play inside without turning into a lobster with these two incredible sales! On Steam, all your favorite games are on deep discounts through Steam’s Summer Sale from 6/24 to 7/8. During the same period, we are also hosting the GungHo America Summer Sale through Humble Bundle!

The world of Volta-X will never be the same with its latest update, the Metaverse! Customize your own battle mech as you fight to save the world against otherworldly threats. Once you have achieved your glory in the story mode, compete against your own legend in the all-new rogue mode! Heed the call today for only $9.99 (50% off) on Steam and Humble Bundle. Welcome to the Metaverse, pilots!

If you would like to spend your summer days exploring new worlds and protecting forgotten civilizations, then why not pick up a sizzling selection of sagas? In the worlds of GRANDIA HD Remaster and GRANDIA II HD Remaster, you can join Justin, Ryudo, and their loyal companions as they embark on journeys to save the world from nefarious ne’er-do-wells. Experience these classic chronicles for 50% off with GRANDIA HD Remaster for $9.99 on Steam or Humble Bundle and GRANDIA II HD Remaster for $9.99 on Steam or Humble Bundle for a limited time only!

If there is anyone who could benefit from a bit of a tan, it would be Dokuro! This short ‘n’ sweet skeleton will do anything to save his Princess from her perilous plight in this peculiar puzzle platformer. Can this pair escape the Dark Lord’s sand castle with your help? Find out today for $0.99--a scorching 90% savings on both Steam and Humble Bundle!

Hey, Senpai! I just love summertime, man! You can join me in the Tower of Barbs with these dope LET IT DIE bundles to help your climb! For only $14.99, the Platinum Pack contains 50 Death Metals to get back up after being knocked down. The Special Pack is on sale for $24.99, which includes 30 Death Metals, a 30-day Express Pass, daily login bonuses, and more! These 50% off steals will totally NOT last so act fast, Senpai!

We are GungHo about our games and we hope you enjoy some of our favorite titles for these red hot prices. Please also be sure to follow us for more game event updates on Twitter @GungHo_America!