"The end draws near!"

Event Period: 5/26/2021 20:00 (PSD) – 6/28/2021 (Maintenance Begins)

Greetings. Tetsuo’s the name.
Thank you for riding the Tokyo Death Metro.
Have you been enjoying TDM Battle Rush Season 15 so far?
This season will come to an end on June 28, 2021.

As the end draws near, we’ll be revving things up to provide you with something even more exciting:

TDM Battle Rush: Season Finale!

To find out more about what’s coming to a train platform near you, please review the following details.

We greatly appreciate your business and hope you continue to enjoy the Tokyo Death Metro’s Luxury Attack Liner!

1. Finale Rank Rewards!

Players will receive a special blueprint based on their rank at the end of the Season Finale.

Aim for the top as higher ranks will result in better rewards!

Players will receive a special blueprint based on their rank at the end of the Season Finale.

Aim for the top as higher ranks will result in better rewards!

TDM Rank
Reward Type
Reward Details
Thor’s Wand S TDM
Thor’s Wand TDM
Lightning Wand S TDM
Lightning Wand TDM

The Diamond Rank Thor’s Wand S TDM reward has higher attack strength and durability than your typical Thor’s Wand S. It packs a real punch that you’ll have to feel to believe! Please be aware that this Thor’s Wand S TDM will have a much longer wait time before another piece can be purchased at Chokufunsha in comparison to the original Thor’s Wand S.


  • Thor’s Wand S TDM can be Uncapped past +4 with the necessary materials
  • Thor’s Wand TDM, Lightning Wand S TDM, and Lightning Wand TDM can be upgraded to +4, but cannot advance to the next tier and is not eligible for Uncapping
  • Special TDM Rank Rewards will be distributed after the maintenance on 6/28/2021
  • Special TDM Rank Rewards can be obtained from the Reward Box in the Waiting Room
  • Reward Box has a capacity limit. If the number of items in your Reward Box exceeds the maximum number of available storage slots at the time your Special TDM Rank Rewards are delivered, you will need to remove some items from your Reward Box in order to receive your reward.



2. Final Sprint – TDM Points INCREASED!

Event period: 5/26/2021 20:00(PSD) – 6/28/2021 (maintenance begins)

During the event period, points obtained from successful Raids/Defenses in TDM will be increased by 50%.

Use this opportunity to obtain a lot of points and boost your rank while you still can!

TDM Success

3. Concluding Season 15

Event period: 6/28/2021 (post maintenance) – TBD

TDM Battle Rush Season 15 will end at the start of the maintenance scheduled for 6/28/2021. Once maintenance has concluded, Season 16 will begin and run over a span of 3 months.

NOTE: At the beginning of the new season, all participants’ TDM ranks will be reduced by 2 and placed at sub-rank III. For example, someone standing at the rank Diamond II at the end of Season 15 will start Season 16 at the rank Gold III.


4. Changes to Lost Bags

Once TDM Battle Rush Season 16 begins, the following items will no longer be obtainable from Lost Bags:

  • FFWF-103 Flamethrower Blueprint
  • Swimming Master Head Blueprint
  • Swimming Master Body Blueprint
  • Swimming Master Pants Blueprint

If you haven’t gotten them, keep on raiding to get them before they’re gone!



  • Please note that event duration and content may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.