More we said, and more you delivered! The top 5 budget cosplays have been crowned winners.

Cosplay is an expensive hobby, but we asked the community to show us if they could put together some TEPPEN cosplays, recreating their favorite card arts, with a nice budget of nothing, zilch... you know, free fiddy. We received some amazing recreations, but there could be only five winners, one of which was selected by the community. As per usual, we will show off our favorites with some commentary from Team TEPPEN.

The Community Voted…

We have order now that the honorable HorribleChopstick has been crowned one of five winners for the contest by community vote with his cosplay of the Judge (AVP 052). 

We may have joked about it on stream, but he actually put together a really great recreation of the card. We appreciate the effort he put into styling his hair the most.

And this… is for you-

Our next winner is Krista with this wonderful recreation of Ada (DON 054)!

Judge’s notes: 

  • Luke- “Ada was just perfect. Really captured the card and character. Mad props.”
  • Joseph-  “The use of the shoe as a gun was super creative. So well done, I didn't know it was a shoe!”

This isn’t a Death Match, it’s a BFF Match-

DurianIRL back at it again with another win with his recreation of Death Match Invitation (ADA 098)!

Judge’s Notes-

  • Mads - “I love everything about this, when I saw it was me and Luke in the pictures, I lost it!”
  • Luke- “I can't vote for my own card, but nobody said I couldn't vote for a card that featured me on it!”

This may not seem threatening to fight, but it sure was one of our favorite contenders in this contest!

We’re bananas for this recreation of Murderous Spikes (NERGIGANTE 011)!

Judge’s Notes-

  • Joseph- “Who could have expected creating Nergigante from a sock!”
  • Luke- “Spot on representation about how we all feel about Nerg and Murderous Spikes.”
  • Mads- “I honestly LOL’d and scared my dog when I saw this. So creative!”

It’s egg-citing to see what our own MalletMog shelled out for this contest, if it’s all kulu with yaku, we think this is a winner!

All egg and Monster Hunter puns aside, we loved this recreation of Kulu-Ya-Ku (DON 028).

Judge’s Notes-

  • Luke- “For me, it's all about that pose. The hair, the "egg", the facial expression are all nice, but that stance just nails it.”
  • Mads- “I love the attention to detail, not only do we have the pose and the “egg”, but he also styled his hair like Kulu’s feathers! LOL!”

We appreciated all the submissions for this contest and it was hard to just choose four to win, in addition to the community voted one, of course. Unfortunate that we could not include any of the new cards from Ace VS The People in this contest, but the entries we got were amazing nonetheless! Congratulations to our five winners and if you would like to see all of the other entries, the official contest site has them for all to see here:

We hope to hold more contests like these in the future, so please be sure to follow TEPPEN on social media for the latest updates on all things TEPPEN!

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