Add More Phenomenal RPGs to Your Collection!

Winter doesn’t last forever and at GungHo, we’re delighted to thaw the frost with this sizzling RPG Sale through Humble Bundle! Starting now and ending on 4/26, explore the fantastic realms of GRANDIA HD Remaster and GRANDIA II HD Remaster!

GRANDIA HD Remaster follows the story of Justin, who inherits a magic stone. He and his friends are led down a path to uncover and protect the ancient history of the Angelou Civilization from a sinister plot. In GRANDIA II HD Remaster, play as Ryudo, a mercenary with a questionable moral compass, as he is plunged into a battle between light and darkness.

Collectively, the GRANDIA HD Collection has been updated with rich and robust features from their original releases. Both titles boast a multitude of visual upgrades including cinematic enhancements, updated resolution support, and a beautiful showcase of new UI elements, texture art, and sprites. Player controls and accessibility have been further refined, with English and Japanese subtitles, gamepad and keyboard/mouse support with remappable controls, and Steam achievements.

From now until 04/26 10:00 AM PDT, you can snag your own copies of GRANDIA HD Remaster and GRANDIA II HD Remaster for 50% off! This deal will be gone before you know it, so pick up these epic stories while you can!

We are thrilled to share our wild worlds and tall tales and we hope after playing them, you become as GungHo about our games as we are! Please also be sure to follow us for more GRANDIA updates on Twitter @GungHo_America!