We asked and the community delivered their best rendition of their favorite Hero Arts!

After much deliberation, Team TEPPEN has decided on the winners for the TEPPEN Hero Arts contest! The submissions were very creative, but there can only be five winners. Check out all the submissions on the official site here: bit.ly/TEPPENHA . Let’s get into the winners and some Judge’s Notes to accompany them!

DurianIRL submitted three Hero Arts: Uroboros, Shieldspire, and Hyakuretsukyaku! We couldn’t choose a favorite and we’ll show you why.

Judge’s Notes: 

  • TEPPEN Ryo about Hyakuretsukyaku - “I like the ending. Hope he didn't pull a muscle doing this.” 
  • TEPPEN Luke about Shieldspire - “durian went all out, but hard to deny that wiggle”
  • TEPPEN Mads about Uroboros - “I love the creativity. I honestly lost it at the hand in the end!”

Teemotay, with the assistance of MalletMoogle (link to Twitch on name), was also a judge’s favorite, in fact all the judges loved their recreation of Bringer of Nightmares.

Joshua McMillan also recreated Bringer of Nightmares, but with some help of course.

Judge’s Notes: 

  • Luke - Bringer of Nightmares may not be a top tier art these days, but these were definitely some top tier recreations.
  • Mads - I love the inclusion of loved ones in these recreations. Teemo- Is that Mallet’s hand at the end? WHO IS THAT??  Joshua- How’d they react to asking them to be zombies?

Wowowood brought the awoooo with this recreation of Great Divine Intervention!


Judge’s Notes:

  • Luke - I need to know what's in the folder on the desktop. Just an absolutely wacky use of assets that was hard not to smile and enjoy.
  • Ryo - I think [I liked] how he used the Windows background. (with his folder)

And the final winner is The Thirsty Games with his paw-some rendition of Plunderblade!

Judge’s Notes:

  • Ryo - One of the most creative entry. Like the little Ryu figure.
  • Mads - I love the effects and effort Thirsty added to this video. Siren Plundered my vote and I’m 100% ok with that.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered the contest! We loved all the entries and it was really hard to choose only five! We hope everyone enjoyed them as much as we did.

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