Celebrate the Start of Spring With Your Friends at the WVA!

Calling all aspiring pilots on the Nintendo Switch! Winter came and went—now, we here at GungHo have spring cleaned the office, dusted off some deals, and have some bright news to share with you! We’re thrilled that Volta-X will be featured by IndieWorld for a limited time sale kicking off right now until 04/25!

In a brilliant ‘50s aesthetic, Volta-X depicts our planet facing otherworldly threats that necessitated engineering marvels known as Voltas. Although complex enough to require entire crews to properly control, these bulking behemoths proved their efficiency at removing designated threats. Soon thereafter, crews became restless and Volta battling evolved into the most intensely watched international sport. The greatest pilots banded together to create the World Volta Association, where top pilots are idolized for their athletic and strategic prowess.

Throughout Volta-X, players follow the story of Ian and his fuzzy friends as they advance through the ranks of the World Volta Association together. Assemble your own customizable, monstrous battle robots and use real-time strategy tactics to gain victory over your opponents. Build out your headquarters and coordinate your crew to stay busy with training, parts research, movie nights, team meetings, and some much-needed sleep.

From now until 04/25 11:59 PM PDT, you can snag a copy of Volta-X on the Nintendo Switch for 50% off which is a bargain at $9.99!

We are GungHo about our games and we are honored to share our passion with you. Please also be sure to follow us for more Volta-X updates on Twitter @VoltaXGame!