Show us your favorite TEPPEN Hero Art by reenacting it!

It’s time for a change… Like Nergigante’s “Change Form” Hero Art, kinda. We’re doing something different than our usual TEPPEN contests and running a special TEPPEN Hero Art Contest! We loved the TEPPEN World Championship 2020 Finalists’ re-enactments of their favorite Hero Arts so much that we wanted to see what you could come up with in your own creative ways! From 4/1/2021 10:00AM PDT (no, this isn’t an elaborate April Fools’ joke, it’s a real contest) to 4/12/2021 at 11:59PM PDT, we will be accepting video submissions on the official contest site!

Show us your re-enactment of your favorite Hero Art in the form of a video! You can submit more than one, but only one may be chosen as winner. No, you don’t need fancy-schmancy cosplay or elaborate video effects to join, but they might help set you apart from all the other entries! PLEASE do not endanger yourself or others for the sake of this contest, we know “Hey, Nico!” looks like it would be fun, but hospital visits are definitely not fun.

Videos must be uploaded to either YouTube or Vimeo, with the URLs submitted to the official contest site. If you decide to post the video elsewhere, you are welcome to and we will enjoy them, but they will not be counted unless it was also submitted on the official site.

For this contest, we here at GungHo America, AKA Team TEPPEN, will be the judges and five winners will be selected. Each winner will receive a $100 gift card to their choice to either the Apple App store or Google Play. Due to the nature of the prizing, the contest will only be open to residents of the United States, but you are also welcome to post your re-enactments to a social media platform for us to see.

With the new Soul Shop in TEPPEN, why not try to capture your favorite Hero Art for a chance at winning a gift card and get some of those exclusive items you’ve been waiting for! Don’t forget to follow TEPPEN on our social channels to get the latest updates on all things TEPPEN!

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