It's story time and we want to share the tale of Ninjala Season 5 with the world!

After a long maintenance period, Season 5 of Ninjala is finally here and it’s got a story to tell! They are tales of a new tutorial mode, new weapons, new game modes, and so much more. In case you missed it, the theme of this season is “Fairy Tales” and features costumes and weapon skins from fairy tales from around the world!

Oh, I see you’re new around here, eh?

We don’t know if it’s really beginner’s luck, but it sure is lucky for anyone starting out their Ninja journey this season. Featuring the new Ninjala Beginner’s Campaign, new (and veteran) players will receive login bonuses, special sales on Story Packs, and a special new tutorial mode to help boost their budding ninja career. With a new and improved tutorial mode, we hope this will help any aspiring ninjas learn the basics and maybe some extra tricks to put up their sleeves.

Your load out is so last season-

Looking for a way to show off your “I-want-to-look-like-I-walked-out-of-a-fairy-tale-book-but-make-it-fashion” style? Say no more, for we’ve got the latest in Ninjala fashion waiting for you. Got the drip, but the current weapons just ain’t it? Fear not, for there are THREE new weapons for you to try out this season. Pick up the “Shinobuzz Paper Fan”, “GR8 Gear”, and “ASAKUSA Wheel” to complete your ensemble and show your foes that you can not only IPPON them in battle, but in fashion too.

Win big or play big!

The first in-game tournament, in collaboration with Nissin’s U.F.O. Yakisoba, is coming up soon! Get your A-game ready to participate in this 12-hour event for a chance to win tournament and collab exclusive IPPON decorations and other in-game goodies! The higher you climb on the ladder, the better prizes you can claim, so we wish everyone luck when participating in this special event!

Ninjala is supposed to be fun and include more games, right? Well lucky for you, the Ninjala Striker mode will be coming this season as a limited game mode! Split into two teams of four and play ball! A big ball actually. Your goal is to strike a goal... Get it? Ninjala Striker? Yeah ok, we’ll see ourselves out. Ninjala Striker will be available during three different weekends of the season. The first event will start this weekend on 3/26 until 3/28! We hope you’ll have fun and show off your skills in a new way with this game mode.

We love the smell of a freshly opened pack of cards in the morning.

If you live in the US, hurry and pre-order the Ninjala Collection Pack Vol. 1+ before pre-orders end on 3/26, while supplies last. While we weren’t able to draw the exclusive Story Armor Coordinate, we did obtain at least 3 SSRs in our one box, which means you probably have a really great chance at collecting SSRs if that’s what you’re looking for. Make GungHo Mads and everyone else in the community jelly with your Ninja God-like card pulls! We’ll be waiting…

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