More prizes for more participants, what else is new in this tournament?

The second Round Robin tournament by REKT is here! Registration has opened and was announced during the community Post-Rotation Tournament run by TCS on 3/21. You have until 4/4 by 8PM PDT to register for a chance to participate in this tournament!

What’s new?

We asked you all for feedback after the last tournament, which we want to thank everyone for taking the time to provide to us by the way! After much deliberation, we decided to change some things for this tournament.

Instead of a week long event, the tournament will take place over the course of 3 days. The battles will take place during the weekend of 4/9-4/11. Like the last tournament, everyone will be grouped in groups of 11, but this time around, the top three players will receive prizes! First place will receive a $125 gift card, second place will receive a $50 gift card, and third place will receive a $25 gift card.

Aside from these changes, the format of the tournament will be the same. Groups of 11 will compete within their assigned groups. Battles will be BO3 format. Players will have a set time to play their matches, but have the flexibility to schedule a better time* as long as they finish their battles by the end of 4/11. Player places will be decided by how many wins they receive and will be rewarded based on their place. If a tie breaker is needed to decide any of the places, players will participate in a head to head battle*.

Like the previous tournament, all Ranks and all regions that TEPPEN is available in, except APAC, can participate as long as they register on the site. Players who have verified their participation will be put into groups of 11 players. If there are not enough players to fill a group, players will be cut from participating in this tournament based on the order in which they verified their participation.

With the TEPPEN World Champion Series beginning in April, this would be a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to get some tournament practice before the WCS starts! Don’t forget to stay in the know by following TEPPEN on social media for the latest updates and event news.

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* For more information on the specific rules and regulations of rescheduling, or any rules and regulations in general, please refer to the official tournament site.