New Expansion, New Hero, and New Features?!

ADA and Ada (yes, you read that right) are available now in TEPPEN! Ada Wong joins TEPPEN as the latest Hero and introduces the highly requested Strider franchise to TEPPEN as well. 

Watch the trailer here:

Ada is the newest Purple Hero in TEPPEN and rounds out the Hero roster to an even 16, with four Heroes in each element. Without spoiling too much, Ada’s Dark Agenda is revealed through her story and special Cards from the expansion, and we find out more about how our favorite Capcom characters found themselves in the Land of Illusion.

Ada’s Hero Arts

  • Black Out - Remove 1 enemy unit with 3 Attack or less from the game.
  • Mirage Decoy - Lock all of your empty board slots for 10 seconds, then return all enemy units with an MP cost equal to or less than the number of board slots inflicted with Lock +2 to the deck.
  • Break Away - Return 1 friendly purple unit to your EX Pocket and give it -2 MP. (MP costs cannot fall below 1.) Other than the unit returned, place 1 random purple unit in the EX Pocket onto the field.

The New New

With the new update, TEPPEN introduces some new features to the game as well as a new title screen featuring all 16 Heroes! Additionally, there is a new Welcome Campaign, which is a commemorative event for new players by gifting up to 50 Card Pack tickets including ADA tickets. 

TEPPEN also introduced Deck Gifting. This allows players to gift Decks and Cards to friends. Each player can only claim one Deck, but can send one Deck to each of their friends. The first Deck sent is free, but all other Decks sent will cost Souls. You cannot send Decks to any player that has already claimed a Deck. Cards received via Deck Gifting cannot be reaped for souls, but can be used in other Decks. If gifting a Deck, you do not need to own the Card to send, but you cannot send alt arts or Secret versions, only the standard art can be sent. The amount of cards you can add to the Decks you send vary by rarity-

  • Common x15
  • Rare x15
  • Epic x10
  • Legendary x10
  • Basic - up to 15

Now, more than ever, is the time to start on your TEPPEN journey or help your friend, who is new to TEPPEN, on their journey!

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