Are you ready for the Bubble Bobble Battle?

We are excited to announce the first ever, official North American Ninjala Tournament! We have been so happy to see all the community tournaments popping up that we just had to throw our hats in the ring ourselves. Registration begins Friday, March 5 and ends on Sunday, March 14. We will send out the registration link via our Social Media, so make sure you’ve followed us on the links at the bottom of the page. Detailed rules and regulations can be found on the official tournament website, which will go live on Friday, March 5.

Players must be ranked “Elite Ninja” or higher to enter, and must be at least 16 years or older to participate. Anyone under 18 must get their parents permission to enter. Participating players will be chosen at random via lottery from all the entries submitted. In order to qualify for registration, players must reside in either Canada, Mexico, or the United States to participate.

The tournament will take place on Saturday, March 20. The first and second rounds will consist of two matches of Battle Royale. We will add up the score of both matches and the top four players in each round will advance, until we have our top eight. The top eight will play three Battle Royale matches in the final, and the player with the highest total score at the end will emerge victorious. First place receives a $500 gift card, second place receives a $300 gift card, third place receives a $150 gift card, and fourth place receives a $50 gift card. All players in the top eight final will receive an in-game Gumchi T-Shirt (As long as they have never received one before. We’re looking at you Community Tips people!).

To the Ninjala players out there who have been waiting for a moment to show off those skills you have been honing, this is it, this is your time. We cannot wait to see what new techniques everyone has in store and are eagerly awaiting to crown the first North American Ninjala Champion!

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