We've got all the secret sauce from Season 4. Want to try some?

We’ve been so busy checking out all the incredible highlights Ninjala fans have submitted the past few months, we almost forgot about finding more choice tips to help you WNA fans take your tactics to the next level. Well we’re back with a new Community Tips video, and you know you need to check out these Season 4 strats because how else will you dominate Battle Royale and Team Battle matches without them?

Need some dope drone drops? Zach has you covered. Shy Guy’s Piercing Mixer plan works well too, if that’s more your speed. Break out the Froggy Block power with Splatoon3!’s Shinboi Disco technique. When it comes to Parry, there’s no better way to rock an IPPON than with Dark Kiara’s plan. Shinobi Disco makes a comeback thanks to Some Guy’s clever defensive maneuvers. You can always trust Kieran to come through with that Tornado tech. Never in doubt are CAJman777’s combo compilations, which turn to the Scrap Saber this time around. CGamer knows how to blow up the spot in Fort Riverdale. Need to know more about Para-Boosting? Naza has you covered. Wondering how to get the most out of Wall Shooter? Take Gohart’s advice. Ferny’s also got some dashing new defensive tricks up their sleeve. DJ Soda remixes what you thought you knew about close-quarters combat. Lastly, Krys comes up with a kickflip or two to keep things skating along in Fort Riverdale.

Special thanks to all of the Ninjas who contributed their tips for this installment! Be sure to check out the contributors linked above, as this video wouldn’t have been possible without their dedication and hard work in revealing all those top tricks.

Got a tip you’d like to share? Post a video showing your tip in action then tag us on our official social channels (linked below) using the hashtag #NinjalaCommunityTips! We always give proper credit to our contributors, and it’s a great way to grow your channel! Plus, if your video is selected for a future Community Tips collection, you’ll earn an exclusive Gumchi t-shirt in-game!

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