The Ninjala x LET IT DIE Collab is here!

Senpai! Uncle Death, from LET IT DIE, has been wanting to expand his horizons outside of the Tower of Barbs, so he brought his energy and aesthetics to Ninjala! Dunk on your Haters with all of the new Ninjala x LET IT DIE collab items, available now!

From 2/24 6PM - 3/10 5:59PM PST, you can get special LET IT DIE themed items in Ninjala. If you log in during the event period you can claim a “LET IT DIE Logo” sticker from your in-game mailbox. As for everything else, you will have to work a little bit harder to claim them in order to complete your LET IT DIE ensemble!

Go forth into battle for a chance to get the “Matsuri Gum (L.I.D)” to skate circles around your Haters or get the goretical “LET IT DIE” IPPON Decoration! That’s right, if you participate in battles such as “Quick Battle”, “Ninjala Battle”, or “Featured Battle” (when it’s available) you could get these rad LET IT DIE themed battle items! You can get the Matsuri Gum weapon up to three times in one day, with the count resetting when a new day begins. If you have the Ninjala Pass, you can use the gum for free.

You can’t complete your patented “Uncle Death” look without some cosmetics for your in-game avatar! During the event, you can purchase the “Uncle Death mask” for 800 Jala and “LID Logo Tee” for 500 Jala in the Specialty Shop. Alright, Senpai, I think you’re ready to go forth and bring on the goretastic fun to the world of Ninjala!

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Senpai, if you’re 18 or older, check out LET IT DIE as well! Naomi Detox will be your guide on our socials while your ol’ pal Uncle Death skates around in Ninjala. 🤘💀

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