You showed us your love, but will we reciprocate it?

We definitely felt the love in all of the submissions to the Ninjala Valentine’s Day Contest, but who, amongst the many, won over the hearts of the Ninjala team here at GungHo? After careful deliberation, we have chosen our favorites and would LOVE to share them with the community!

The winners of the “From Us to You” Contest

We had many submissions for this portion of the contest, it was honestly really hard to choose between them, but luckily, we split our favorites into categories.

“Most Romantic”

By Kyle K.

Judges’ notes: “I ship this, and these two are my OTP.” / “Art is great. Ron with a rose was a nice touch.”

“Most Artistic”

By Rachel L.

Judge’s notes: “Great concept and design, with a simple line made this stand out."


By Zach T.

Judges’ notes: “Hard to think of anything funnier than Burton having a body pillow of Berecca.” / “The heart wants what the heart wants.”


By Erika B.

Judges’ notes: “Perfect encapsulation of cheesy puns and great art.” / “My dad made this exact joke.”

“Most Unique”

By Chubbidust

Judges’ notes: "We love how embarrassed Ron looks, but he got dressed to impress." / “"It is I, Ron.’"

Winner(s) of the “Something Sweet” portion of the contest

This portion of the contest was for the sweetest of contestants. We’re extremely sad we cannot taste test them.

This takes the cake-

By Ricardo T.

Our grand prize winner made this amazing cake of the WNA block, even featuring drones! Let’s see what the judges thought of it.

Judge’s notes: "It was really hard to choose between this and the donuts since we couldn't taste them, but the execution and artistry of the cake was what got us" / “sad face emoji, I can’t eat it”

Bonus winner!

These were too sweet to pass up on rewarding! We’re honestly really sad we couldn’t get a taste of these donuts.

By the Ninja Baker

Judge’s notes: "Ultimately, we decided that these were too good not to reward. So we decided to award an additional prize." / “I want a donut now.”

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! We loved every submission, even if it haunts us to this day… you know who you are… 

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