It's a Season 4 Smorgasbord!

What’s up, Ninjas? Team GungHo is back with a brand-new edition of Ninjala Community Highlights, brought to you by you! This time around, we asked you for some of your best Season 4 moments, and you did not disappoint. Check out the video below to see what we’re talking about.

Though you only had a few weeks to really strut your stuff in Season 4, many of you stepped up your games to create some truly memorable moments. Whether you were bursting around Fort Riverdale, snapping off IPPONs and dodging enemy attacks, or busting out the newest weapons to really let loose, we were impressed by everyone’s efforts.

We’ll have more opportunities for you to submit your highlights as 2021 rolls along, so keep an eye out for our calls for submissions on social media. You could be the next big Community Highlights star! With all the great content we’ve got planned for the next few seasons, there’s bound to be plenty of opportunities.

Thanks to all the members of our community for playing and creating such fun and exciting clips. Special thanks goes out to those players whose highlights were hype enough to be included in this installment. Do check out their social profiles to see what other kinds of Ninjala fun they get up to!


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