Season 4 out now with a new stage, weapons, Ninjutsu, Shinobi Cards, and other gameplay improvements

TOKYO, Japan – January 7, 2021 – GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE) released a new episode of the Ninjala cartoon anime, “You’re the Star!” The new chapter of the bubblegum brawler’s hit animation highlights Emma, a crime fighter with dreams of becoming a dancing pop star. Ninjala’s Season 4 also now available, featuring a London-inspired stage and more.

Watch the latest episode on the PlayNinjala YouTube channel!

Episode Synopsis
Emma is a street dancer with an eye on making it into the spotlight. She also happens to be a vigilante crime fighter dishing out justice under the cover of darkness. Emma’s life is about to take a dramatic turn, thanks to Lauren Warren, a talent scout who’s looking for more than just the right moves. Who does Lauren Warren really work for? What can Emma do to calm her nerves on the biggest day of her life? Why does Emma fight so hard for those who need justice? Find out now!

Season 4 is packed with new content and is available now through March 24, 2021.

Season 4 includes:

  • New stage, Fort Riverdale, is a London-themed ‘nighttime’ stage, the first of its kind. It features a giant clocktower, a gum factory, and a background filled with beautiful city skylines. The stage has more elevation differences than previous maps and features two new gimmicks: the Warp Gate and the Giant Gum Gacha.
    • Warp Gate allows players to travel between similarly colored Warp Gates around the stage. Think of it like the Underground, except actually fast.
    • Giant Gum Gacha is triggered by pressing a switch, spitting out a piece of gum with a variety of effects. It could increase players S-Energy, but watch out! Some gum may even cause damage.
  • Two new Katana type weapons, Scrap Saber and Chewing V, cut ahead of the competition.
  • New Ninjutsu Shinobi Disco creates a dance field that forces all who enter to bust a move. Other actions will be tough to pull out when boogying to the beat.
  • New Special Froggy Block summons a box-wall either in front of players as a normal attack or near a targeted opponent as a wide attack.
  • Two new Shinobi Cards are ready for play, including Energy Hoarder, which increases the amount of S-Energy recovered when collecting it on the map; and Quick Respawn, which allows players to respawn in place with low health up to three times.
  • Other improvements incoming include decreased time between finding and starting a match, favorites now able to be saved separately, and Spectators being able to host a room.

GOE will also be releasing the next dev diary on January 13, which will be revealing more new content for Season 4.

Review codes for Story Mode Chapter 1 and 2 are available upon request. Please email for codes.

Press assets for the game can be found here.

To learn more about Ninjala, visit the official website, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

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