Study These Tips and Tricks to Hone Your Ninja Skills

What’s up, Ninjas! We’re back with a brand-new installment of Ninjala Community Tips, showcasing the best and most interesting new tricks for players looking to gain an edge in their WNA battles. Even if you’re a Ninja God, we’re sure the advice from the community presented here can help you out, so go ahead and give Ninjala Community Tips #3 a watch!

Kicking things off, CAJman777 breaks down the Gum Ghost and Overpowering Wave in expert detail. Ninja We Love follows that up with a closer look at the Pop Eye Hammer and its healing powers. Speaking of the Pop Eye Hammer, LogicMotion has some interesting insight into the Baiting Shark Ninjutsu if you’ve got the time. Next up, Kurofang ranks all the different Gum Shoots so you know which to prioritize for your loadout. SnugKieran circles back around to teach us all the best way to avoid those pesky Gum Dragons. Following that, Zapd0s14 comes in with a helpful look at how Punishing Blade improves player movement. Paddlesnake takes things from there to reveal the secrets to Hammer drone destruction. VictorSTK has a slam dunk of a tip for clever cancel combos. Leave it to TeamKoral_Avi to Camu up with a great binding trick. Finally, ChicknPlays and friends uncover spawn times and all the drone locations on Ninjala’s many maps.

Special thanks to all of the ninjas who contributed their tips for this installment! Got a tip you’d like to share? Post a video showing your tip in action then tag us on our official social channels (linked below) using the hashtag #NinjalaCommunityTips! We always give proper credit to our contributors, and it’s a great way to grow your channel! Plus, if your video is selected for a future Community Tips collection, you’ll earn an exclusive Gumchi t-shirt in-game!

Speaking of proper credit, if any of these tips helped you out, be sure to show your appreciation to our contributors by checking out their other content!

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