Everyone's Favorite Reaper Returns to the Tower of Barbs to Host a Special Event!

Uncle Death is BACK, y’all! Earlier this year, everyone’s favorite reaper decided to take a little “vacation” from the Tower of Barbs, but now he’s back in full force and ready to rock! To celebrate his triumphant return to duty, he’s hosting a special event called “Uncle Death Comes Home”, and we’re excited to share the details with you! This event is going on RIGHT NOW and will be live until November 26, 2020 at 1:59 AM (PST).

It all begins with some souped-up login bonuses! Each day, you’ll be able to get your hands on a variety of items to aid you in your climb to the top of the Tower of Barbs. These items include Death Metals, 1-Day Express Passes, Kill Coins, SPLithium, and rare R&D materials that you can use to upgrade your weapons and armor! A full list of the items available and their scheduled release dates can be found on the official LET IT DIE website.

Next, Momoko the Mushroom Magistrate will be hosting THREE extra special MushFest events featuring ONLY 4- and 5-star Skill Decals. These MushFest events will take place during the following dates and times:

10/29/2020 19:00 (PDT) – 11/2/2020 17:59 (PST)

11/5/2020 18:00 (PST) – 11/9/2020 17:59 (PST)

11/12/2020 18:00 (PST) – 11/16/2020 17:59 (PST)

The Skill Decals available in these MushFests are some of the rarest and most powerful ones available in the game and, to top it off, Momoko has added three all-new decals to the lineup! The new Skill Decals are “Below the Belt”, “Vampire Queen”, and “Final Hero”. Be sure to check the lineup at Momoko’s Mushroom Club in your Waiting Room for more details about these new Skill Decals and their availability!

If you’re looking to hold on to more of your precious Death Metals, you’ll also be happy to learn that every player will receive three free continues per day! Your death count resets every day at 02:00 (PST), and this benefit will continue until the event ends on November 26, 2020 at 1:59 AM (PST).

Those players who have climbed beyond the 50th floor of the Tower of Barbs often find that they can quickly run out of space in their inventory while gathering loot in the Tengoku area. During the event, however, all Dustin units on the Tengoku boss floors (55F, 60F, 65F, etc.) will be free to use! Explore the highest reaches of the Tower of Barbs and send any items you find safely back down to your Waiting Room without spending any Death Metals!

To further celebrate his return, Uncle Death has also introduced several Commemorate Quests. By completing these quests, players will be rewarded with rare R&D materials that can be used to power up your weapons and equipment. What’s more, nearly all of these quests can be repeated for identical rewards! Additional details about these quests and their completion rewards can be found on the official LET IT DIE website.

Uncle Death knows that everyone loves presents, so right now all players who log in during the event will receive the Meijin Head armor blueprint free of charge! It’s one thing to BE an elite gamer, but now’s your chance to really LOOK the part!

Finally, Uncle Death has decided to upgrade the benefits bestowed upon Express Pass holders… PERMANENTLY! From now on, all Express Pass members will receive a deep discount on fighter salvage, increased bonuses while fighting in the Tengoku area, AND powered-up daily login bonuses! For more details about these upgraded benefits for Express Pass holders, please see the official LET IT DIE website.

We’re excited to have Uncle Death back in the Tower of Barbs where he belongs, but we’re doubly thrilled by his generosity in hosting this extra special event! If you’ve never played LET IT DIE, now is a fantastic time to give it a try and get acquainted with your new best FIEND, Uncle Death! LET IT DIE is free-to-play and available now for PS4 and PC!

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