Hone Your Ninja Skills With Tips and Tricks from the Ninjala Community

The second installment of our Ninjala Community Tips video series is here! If you’re looking to step up your ninja game look no further than this collection of tips and tricks straight from our dedicated community. Whether you’re new to the game or a certified Master Ninja, there’s a little something for everyone here in Ninjala Community Tips Vol. 2!

LoGic MoTion gets things started with an in-depth breakdown of the “new for Season 2” Festival Board weapon before Afrohawk steps in to cover the finer points of the proximity radar. Viantastic is up next with a tip for powering up your Shinobi Cards more quickly, followed by Afrohawk who reminds us about attack types. Tasken checks in to offer up his technique for farming Drones, then CAJman777 shows off some advanced Yo-yo combo attacks. Rounding things out, Peekabros talks about how to get the most out of your Break Attacks!

Special thanks to all of the ninjas who contributed their tips for this installment! Got a tip you’d like to share? Post a video showing your tip in action then tag us on our official social channels (linked below) using the hashtag #NinjalaCommunityTips! We always give proper credit to our contributors, and it’s a great way to grow your channel!

Speaking of proper credit, if any of these tips helped you out, be sure to show your appreciation to our contributors by checking out their other content!

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