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TOKYO, JAPAN -- July 22, 2020 - Don your crow mask and get ready to party! GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE) has released their first DLC pack for Ninjala, the Crow Tengu bundle, and have officially kicked off a week of knock-out madness with the IPPON MATSURI (Festival), taking place from July 21 to July 26. In addition, GOE has posted Dev Diary #7 to YouTube, in which the Ninjala developers share new information about Season 2 (coming August 26) and talk more about when players can expect to see the next episode of the hit Ninjala cartoon anime series.

Check out Dev Diary #7 here - covering the upcoming content calendar for Ninjala:

Crow Tengu DLC Bundle - released July 21

  • Ninjala has released its first DLC bundle themed after the mythical Japanese demon, the crow tengu
  • Players who purchase the pack will get a special costume, emote, and sticker themed after the crow tengu - a crow possessed by the spirit of a fallen samurai - along with 2,000 Jala to spend on in-game items
  • The Crow Tengu DLC Bundle launched on July 21 for a suggested retail price of $29.99 USD

IPPON MATSURI (Festival) - July 21 - 26

  • Players will receive rewards based on the total amount of IPPONs scored by all players during the event. The rewards will increase throughout the event based on the collective number of IPPONs achieved. If the total number of IPPONs achieved during the event reaches 10 million, all users will receive a total of 30 Gold Medals
  • There will also be special bonuses to the rewards players receive at match end, such as higher rates for Ninja-Gums, Assist Codes, and Medals
  • To celebrate the event, a Twitter campaign will also be held where 100 users who follow and retweet Tweets tagged with #IPPON_MATSURI from the official @PlayNinjala and @Ninjala_JP Twitter accounts will be randomly selected to receive 1,000 Jala

Season 2 of Ninjala - launching August 26, free to all Ninjala players!

  • Season 2 will introduce a new weapon class - the Board. Players will have access to four variations of this weapon - the Festival Board, the Home Run Surfer board, the Camu Camu Plate, and the Ninja Caliber board. Each weapon will come with new Gum Ninjutsu, abilities, and specials
  • A new stage - Shinobi City. This is a Japanese-themed stage that explores the hometown of the shinobis, hot springs, and all! Players can use this stage to their advantage by using the hot springs to recover their health and increase their Shinobi Gauge

Outside of the game, another episode of the Ninjala cartoon anime is also on the way! The new episode, which will be released on July 29, focuses on Lucy and her adventures. Tune in to the Ninjala YouTube channel on the 29th for more.

Ninjala is an online Ninja-Gum action game featuring a colorful cast of ninjas who battle it out in action-packed clashes while free-running across dynamic environments. These young descendants of ancient ninja clans wield a variety of special items and abilities, highlighted by the use of distinctive "Ninja-Gum" weapons. Check out the trailer here and assets here.

To learn more about Ninjala, visit the official website, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.



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