This time, Morishita-san and Kaneda-san share details about the Ninjala season pass, seasonal update schedule, and powering up characters!

The Ninjala Developer Diary series was created to give fans a close-up look at various elements of the game. In this installment, Ninjala Game & Story Designer Morishita-san and Ninjala Director Kaneda-san, highlight elements like the seasonal updates and character upgrades that make Ninjala such a unique experience.

Seasonal updates will inject new customization items, stages, and weapons into the game every 8-10 weeks. These updates will be available to everyone, but there will also be a purchasable Ninjala Pass offered every season, too. This pass, which you can buy with Jala (our in-game currency), includes additional items players can earn by accomplishing tasks as they play. There are 100 tiers to unlock, which give rewards like cosmetic items, Ninja Medals, and Jala, as you complete them.

Shinobi Cards are extra buffs players can equip for online battles. The can provide passive bonuses like being able to see drones through walls, or more vital buffs like being able to activate an S-Burst even if your energy bar is empty. Cards themselves can be unlocked with Ninja Medals, and players will be able to unlock multiple Shinobi Card slots as well. Great ninjas never go into battle without their full complement of skills, so be sure to pay attention to which cards you have active before stepping foot into your next Battle Royale.

Check out the other Developer Diaries for even more details on everything cool in Ninjala, and we'll see you in-game when Ninjala releases exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on June 24!

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