Monster-themed Puzzle and Dungeon Crawling Hybrid RPG Surpasses 10 Million Players Worldwide

Buena Park, Calif., (March 13, 2013) – GungHo Online Entertainment America, a multiplatform publisher for the online gaming community, today announced that its hit monster-themed puzzle RPG for iOS and Android, Puzzle & Dragons, has been updated to version 5.0 with numerous additions and enhancements including new monsters, user interface improvements, and skill adjustments to further balance gameplay. In addition, the company revealed that Puzzle & Dragons now has over 10 million players worldwide as the game’s innovative mix of puzzle, dungeon crawling, and monster collecting gameplay continues to attract new fans.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Puzzle & Dragons is a challenging puzzle RPG. The free-to-play, fast-paced, and highly addictive game requires quick thinking to chain combos and maximize the abilities and skills of player-controlled monsters. With the version 5.0 update, players will have more monsters than ever to collect and use, including Ares and Apollo from the Greek pantheon, popular samurai and ninja characters, upgraded versions of the Vampire Lord and Great Valkyrie, and a brand new selection of ancient Egyptian gods. Interface enhancements include the ability to switch between stored monster teams before dungeons and increased Monster Box and Friend List limits. Various monster skills and abilities have also been adjusted to improve gameplay balance.

“The 5.0 update of Puzzle & Dragons is a great opportunity for veteran players to experience new monsters and enhancements as well as a wonderful time for new players to see firsthand why over 10 million players around the world have enjoyed our puzzle RPG,” said Jun Iwasaki, President of GungHo Online Entertainment America.

One of Japan’s top grossing apps, Puzzle & Dragons tasks players with capturing, collecting, and evolving over 500 types of elemental monsters. Monsters are strategically combined into a five-creature team in order to tackle dungeons chock full of challenging enemies and boss battles. Putting together a diverse team is paramount, as players benefit by having each element represented in their squad so they can maximize their combos through matching three or more elemental orbs of the same color.

Developed in Japan by GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc, Puzzle & Dragons can be downloaded or updated for free from the App Store and Google Play. The game is published in North America by GungHo Online Entertainment and supported by GungHo Online Entertainment America.  For more information, visit Fans can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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