Super Senso, the explosive PVP strategy game for mobile and tablet reveals upcoming IP partnerships and a much-anticipated European launch date

El Segundo, Calif. – January 11th, 2018 - GungHo Online Entertainment America, Inc. (GOEA), publishing partner of TURBO Studios, today reveal the European launch date for Super Senso and their exciting intellectual property partnership plans. The epic turn-based strategy game for mobile and tablets is set to receive in-game units from a dazzling array of cultural powerhouses in Wargaming, CCP, Adult Swim, Dark Horse Comics, and Yacht Club Games. Players will be able to deploy their favourite characters and ships, fighting alongside Super Senso’s resident robots, zombies, and dinosaurs as they battle it out to destroy the enemy SENSO-Gate.

North American Super Senso players will soon be able to play brand new Wargaming units exclusively and those hungry for some collaborative crossover can already catch a glimpse of Shovel Knight himself as an Easter Egg in the Meowdieval Mayhem map. The IP partnership news comes at an exciting time for Super Senso with the European launch confirmed for January 24, which will introduce a flurry of major updates and new features. Following Super Senso’s continued success in the US, the EU launch will mark an enormous growth in player base as it brings Super Senso’s competitive combat to a brand-new audience.

"We're thrilled to be partnering with such iconic brands to bring their larger than life characters into the Super Senso universe.  As huge fans of these beloved properties, we can't wait to unleash this smash up of popular IPs to our community.” said Yohei Ishii, TURBO Studio’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

TURBO Studios looks to craft core gaming experiences for the touch generation who are interested in games that offer strategic depth. TURBO enlisted the support of leading esports organisations including TSM and Hollywood Hammers to push the envelope further via innovative multiplayer game design to make Super Senso the fast-paced, competitive mobile experience it is today.

Super Senso plays out across vivid, polygonal 3D battlefields and each match starts with players controlling one SENSO, a powerful and specialized hero critical to determining the outcome of the fight. Players call on additional support troops to sway the tide of battle by building a smash-up army that can include armored tanks, zombies, fighter jets, dinos, and cats. All units vary in movement ability, attack strength, and defense ratings, allowing players to build the ultimate combination in the fight to destroy the enemy SENSO-Gate.

“There’s been a real shift in the mobile gaming market in recent years, there’s a hunger for experiences that aren’t just addictive and instantly accessible, but also challenging and

tactically complex,” said Jun Iwasaki, President and CEO, GOEA. “Super Senso bridges that gap, and we’re thrilled to be bringing the game to Europe.”

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Super Senso is currently available in the US via App Store and Google Play for smartphone and tablet.

The latest assets for Super Senso, including a screenshot of Shovel Knight in action can be found here.


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