Embark on a perilous rescue mission to save the imprisoned Nero and Felyne!

TOKYO, Japan – July 1, 2024 – Can Felyne break Nero free from the impenetrable Prison Island? The newest card pack, The Desperate Jailbreak, is launching in TEPPEN today. Felyne (of the Monster Hunter series), must devise a plan to rescue the imprisoned Nero (of the Devil May Cry series), and escape Prison Island with the help of a ragtag group of felons!

Alongside the new card pack, TEPPEN also celebrates its 5th Anniversary! In celebration of 5 momentous years, TEPPEN has revealed special presents for returning and new players! Check out the details of The Desperate Jailbreak and the 5th Anniversary event below:

The Escape is Just the Beginning
It seemed like a regular day for Nero and Felyne as they took a calm stroll through the local shopping mall. That was until a crooked cop spiked Nero with a magic-sealing drug. Suddenly, Nero was arrested on trumped-up charges and taken to Prison Island - a place filled with ruthless prison guards and the toughest crooks in the world.

However, Felyne has something up his sleeve. With Felyne's cunning ways, he sneaks into Prison Island and is reunited with his furr-end. Can Nero and Felyne scrounge up a motley crew to escape unharmed?

5th Anniversary TEPPEN Event
In celebration of 5 years of TEPPEN, fans can rejoice and receive several presents starting today and going through September 1 at 4:59 p.m. (PDT). Check all of the 5th Anniversary presents below:

  • Skin Pack Ticket Present: Players will receive one out of 32 Hero Skins with no duplicates. Players are guaranteed one skin that they do not have. If a player happens to have all skins within the pack, they cannot get a new skin.
  • 50 Pack present: All players will receive a 50 Pack present. Players will receive 10 pack tickets from the following 5 packs: The Daymare Diary, THE BEAUTIFUL 8, Absolute Zero, いくぜ青春!熱血学園 Schoolyard Royale, and The Desperate Jailbreak.
  • Extra 50 Pack Tickets for Newcomers: New players will also receive an additional 50 Pack tickets. This exclusive offer is only available for new players and will consist of 50 CORE Pack Tickets.
  • Free Season Pass: From today to September 30 at 4:59 p.m. (PDT), the Season Pass which normally costs 980 jewels, will be free! Playing one rank match a day during the event can earn players one pack ticket. Starting from July 31, for one week, players can earn two-pack tickets a day (up to 70 pack tickets in total)!
  • TEPPEN Mondays: Players who log in on Mondays through the event period will receive one pack ticket. Players can also gain additional card pack tickets during the event period, which will be announced at a later date.

New Cards
Compile your team with the newest card pack, The Desperate Jailbreak, which includes the Red card "Cody," Green cards "Nero" and "Tiny Jailbreaker Felyne," Purple card "The Freezer Frost Walrus," and the Black card "Man-Eating Guard Osric." Here's a look at the legendary Red card “Reborn Prisoner Charlie”:

  • Type: Unit
  • Tribe: Human
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Attack: 1
  • HP: 4
  • MP: 6
  • Effects:
    • Attacking: Gain +1 Attack for each card in all EX Pockets
    • : 6
      Remove all enemy units with an MP cost equal to or less than the number of your removed Human units.
      Removed Card Count: 0
      Removed Human Unit Count: 0

New Ability
Launching in this card pack is the new ability < Overload >. This new ability brings another level of strategies that players can implement. Check out the < Overload > ability below:

  • Cards with cannot be added to your hand
  • If cards are in your deck at the start of battle, give your Hero MP Charge Speed -5% (60 seconds) for each card with in your deck.

New EX Skin: Iris
The new Iris EX Skin launches this July! This EX Skin applies to the Hero Felyne. The Iris EX Skin will possess the following Hero Arts:

  • Proud Older Brother
  • Unheeded Voice
  • Despair Stained Love

The Desperate Jail Break & 5th Anniversary Events:
With the launch of The Desperate Jailbreak, several 5th Anniversary events will also be held, including The Desperate Jailbreak event where players must break through the wall with a large barrel bomb. There will be a ★5 map in August, a ★6 map in September, and a wide array of new icons and relics. In addition to The Desperate Jailbreak event, a 5th Anniversary event will be held and updated weekly for six weeks. 

New BGM at the Soul Shop!
Players can head to the Soul Shop to grab two new BGMs: ROUND3 WEST SIDE1 from Final Fight and Theme of Nash from Street Fighter V.

Card Rotation
With the addition of the new card packs, The Desperate Jailbreak, all card packs up until "Demon Dogfight" will be unusable. Players will still be able to use 30_MINUTES.EXE, The Daymare Diary, THE BEAUTIFUL 8, Absolute Zero, いくぜ青春!熱血学園 Schoolyard Royale, and The Desperate Jailbreak.

Assets for The Desperate Jailbreak can be found here.

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