The possibilities for customization are more massive than ever

Time to Get ~Super~ Creative!

To commemorate the release of the Super Massive update, we are hosting our second dungeon creation contest–the (you guessed it) Super Massive Dungeon Creator Contest!

The adventures you all took us on during the first dungeon creator contest were absolutely incredible, and with the new content introduced in the update, players have even more Custom Mode parts they can use to create unique and original dungeons. We can't wait to see your creations!


The Best Dungeon Award (1 winner)    

The winner will get their Dungeon and Boss Monster added to the Mobile version of Puzzle & Dragons!    

Staff Pick (5 winners)    

$90 (or equivalent in your local currency) Amazon Gift Card

Participation Prize (Only awarded to those who entered through the mobile ver. of Puzzle & Dragons)    

Event Period    

July 31, 2022, 7:00 PM (PDT) - August 31, 2022, 6:59 AM (PDT)

How to Enter    

STEP 1    

Create and upload your original dungeon using PAD Switch's Custom Mode.    

STEP 2    

Choose one of the entry forms below to enter the contest! Players who enter via Puzzle & Dragons mobile ver. will be eligible to earn a participation prize in Puzzle & Dragons mobile ver.    

Entry form for Puzzle & Dragons mobile ver. players:    

Open Puzzle & Dragons on your smartphone device, select [Others] > [PAD Switch Contest], and then enter the required information.    

Entry form for players who do not play Puzzle & Dragons mobile ver.:    

Click here to go to the entry form.    

*Entry application process is different depending on the region setting of your Nintendo Switch. If your region is set to Japan, Hong Kong, or Korea, please find the contest details here.    

*There is no limit on the number of dungeons that may be submitted, but please be sure to use the same Nintendo Switch™ Support Number and mobile edition Puzzle & Dragons User ID pair for each entry.    

Exclusive Dungeon on Puzzle & Dragons mobile ver.    

*The exclusive dungeon will be sent to users around the end of October, 2022. It will not be available at the time of entry.  

*Receive 10 Magic Stones, 10x Event Medal- Rainbow & 100K MP for clearing the Exclusive Dungeon.    

*Receive 10 Magic Stones, 10x Event Medal - Rainbow & 100K MP for clearing the Exclusive Dungeon.

About The Best Dungeon Award    

*The Best Dungeon Award winner will be chosen from among the Staff Pick Winners from all regions.    

*Submitted dungeons may undergo some adjustments by the Puzzle & Dragons Team when they are added to the mobile version of Puzzle & Dragons if necessary.    

*Release details such as date and available regions will be announced on various official PAD Switch channels at a later date.    

Distribution of Prizes    

*We will contact winners 2-4 weeks after the contest has ended (around the end of October, 2022). Please respond to the e-mail with the requested information before the deadline stated in the message in order to receive your prize.

*Your prize will be forfeited if:    

- You fail to send the requested information by the specified date.    

- We are unable to verify the validity of your entry.    

*We will contact winners via the provided e-mail address on the entry form.    

About the Participation Prize    

*Contestants who submitted dungeons via the Puzzle & Dragons mobile version entry form will receive a special reward dungeon via in-game mail, with distribution starting in late May 2022. Regardless of the number of entries made, only one reward will be delivered per unique Nintendo Switch™ Support Number.    

*When submitting multiple entries, please be sure to use the same Nintendo Switch™ Support Number and mobile edition Puzzle & Dragons User ID pair for each entry. Players who submit multiple Puzzle & Dragons User IDs for the same Nintendo Switch™ Support Number will not receive the participation prize.    

*Your exclusive dungeon will be sent to you in your in-game inbox. Please note that messages in your inbox will expire after a certain date. If you do not open the message in your inbox before the expiration date, you will lose access to your prize.    

*The Exclusive Dungeon can only be cleared once.    

*Your prize may be forefeited in the following cases:    

- If you fail to send requested information by the due date.    

- If we are unable to verify the validity of your entry.    

Contest Eligibility    

*Must be 14 or older and must be a resident of the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Republic of Bulgaria, Switzerland, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Republic of Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Republic of Lithuania, Luxembourg, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Republic of Slovenia, or Slovak Republic to enter.   


*We cannot respond to individual inquries regarding the selection process.    

*Uploading dungeons in Custom Mode requires a paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription.    

*If any fraudulent activity or inappropriate behavior is discovered during the contest, entries may be voided or the contest may be canceled.    

*By entering the contest, participants agree to the terms and conditions stated on this page.    

*Terms and conditions may change without prior notice.