Ready? Ninjas, Take a Bow!

Hey there Ninjas!--the results of the Hatsune Miku X Ninjala emote contest are in!! We’re excited to share them with you, but first can we say, Wow! The number of entries you guys sent this time around really made us Double Take. We hope you enjoyed posting your PoPiPo’s as much as we enjoyed seeing you Mikumiku Ni Shiteageru. The rest of the community certainly loved the… unique… and wonderful interpretations everyone came up with, so thank you for doing such a Good Job!!  

That being said, it’s time to announce the winners!

GungHo’s Picks

Most creative: @Ibby00816565 Rin & Len

“I’ve seen people do multiple emotes in one video, but one emote in two videos… in one video? Killed it.” - Hunter

Most technical: @Diadrii Skeleton Dance

Judges’ Notes: "This was sooooo smooth." -Mads

Most entertaining: @ItzsJorjaa_ Mikumiku Ni Shiteageru

Judges’ Notes: “I love how much fun this one is! I may have danced along.” - Hunter

“Her giggle 🥺” - Mads

Most faithful to the original: @CorocoroJiro Breast Stroke

Judges’ Notes: “Jumping into the pool fully clothed almost moved this into ‘Most Comical,’ but we had to reward the dedication.” - Hunter

Most comical: @KurofangXIII Rapid Clap

Judges’ Notes: "This and Luc's Alien Alien made me laugh out loud. Def deserved ‘Most Comical.’" - Mads

GungHo Mads’ favorite: @error7t7 Disco 

Judges’ Notes: "I loved how creative they were with the lights in recreating the disco emote!" - Mads

GungHo Jun’s favorite: @MuerteVerde27 PoPiPo

Judges’ Notes: "PoPiPo is my favorite song in this collab, and MuerteVerde27 perfectly captures the frenetic energy of the original song in his recreation. 10/10, would drink this vegetable juice again." - Jun

Fans’ Picks

Next we have the fan favorites, the videos you all liked the most! 

Fan Favorite 1: @LucarioSplat2 Alien Alien

Fan Favorite 2: @alittleangel10 Mikumiku Ni Shiteageru

Fan Favorite 3: @_xStrawberriez Sing a Song

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